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Due to their incredible speed and agility, the Trickster is an expert at dealing damage in a short amount of time. They are trained assassins, taught to detect any weaknesses and use them to their advantage. With every slash of a claw or strike of a blade, the Tricksters acquires a soul– living essence used to unleash forceful attacks, powerful enough to bring even the toughest opponent to their knees.

Tricksters can equip either claws or dual swords. They can only wear armor specific to their class and level. Their main attributes are Strength (for damage) and Dexterity (increases the ability to evade attacks). To increase your SP (spirit points), ability to use more skills, and chance for critical hits, try adding some points to spirit.


  • DD (Damage Dealer), DoTs (Damage over Time)

Main Stats

  • Strength, Dexterity


  • At level 20 - Gambit
  • At level 60 - Renegade
  • At level 100 – Reaper or Spectre


  • Exclusive armor for Trickster


  • Claws
  • Dual Swords


  • Fastest damage dealing class
  • High aim
  • Effective against single target


  • Has no healing ability
  • No range attack
  • Low defense

Trickster skills

Burning Slash

A ball of fire shoots towards your enemy, engulfing them in the scorching blaze.

Razor Claw

Channel the energy from collected Souls to unleash a powerful combo.

Force Slash

Leap into the air and give your enemy a powerful shove.