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So you finally found that special someone. It’s about time! Your grandma was starting to consider a matchmaker from the ‘old country’ as a healthy alternative. How do we know? Let’s just say word gets around. So you want to get hitched? It’s simple; just follow these steps.

Wedding preparation

Step 1

Don’t be a cheapskate. Buy a wedding ring from NPC Dreian Uriel in Elderine.

Step 2

Propose to the player who takes your breath away, makes you weak in the knees, gives you butterflies or just has the best mini house, ya lousy gold-digger! We’re not here to judge. Simply target your sweetie, open your inventory and right-click on the engagement ring (make sure you’re close to each other). Enter a proposal message, hold your breath, cross your fingers, and click propose.

Step 3

Hopefully your heart is not smashed by your beloved and your marriage proposal is accepted! If all goes as planned and both of you decide that you simply cannot live without one another, you crazy kids need to head back to NPC Dreian Uriel. Each partner must procure one Wedding Application which you can buy from the NPC or if you want a more stylish wedding with a real wedding dress or suit and wedding invitations to invite your friends to your wedding, you can always head to the shop.

Step 4

Go together to take your Wedding Applications to Dreian Uriel. You must both be in close range, but only one of you needs to talk with her. Select ‘Apply for Wedding’ when you approach her. This will put you on the official registry of weddings, but if there is a wedding in progress you’ll have a few extra minutes to get cold feet as you wait for them to finish up. You’re almost there!!!

Step 5

Once you have applied for your wedding the time will be set, you will have only 20 minutes to give out invitation letters before you are warped to the Blessed Garden for your ceremony. So you better stay close and don’t wander off too far or you might miss out your own wedding.

Step 6

In the Blessed Garden, your guests will need to check in with Dreian Uriel and select Join Wedding. After 5 minutes your guests are warped to their area; you and your sweet cheeks will begin your stroll to the altar. Get ready for the ceremony!


Dreian Uriel will read the vows; be sure to listen to the Pledge Book, too. Yes, you read that correctly. There is a talking book! At the end of the ceremony click on the Pledge Book to finalize your wedding and get ready to par-tay!

Now that you and sugar lips are married, you and your guests can get wild for 5 minutes in the Blessed Garden before being teleported back to Elderine.

Congratulations! As a wedding gift, both of you will receive a Power of Love buff, a spell to summon your spouse and a permanent wedding pet. Not too shabby, huh? Enjoy the married life! Each time you are in a party together, your stats will increase by 5 percent.

Keep in mind that in order to receive your wedding pet you must have at least one free inventory slot.