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CChallenging quests and dangerous foes test the resoluteness of all heroes journeying through Isya. Those who survive will become stronger and inspire those seeking to follow their example. After starting your adventure as Fighter, Cleric, Archer, Mage or Trickster, prepare to learn new skills and abilities as you level up and become more powerful.

Level 20

Talk to Guard Captain Shutian in Elderine to receive your class change quest. Then after, visit Grand Master Sean in the Forest of Mist. He will port you to the Dungeon of Shadow – rid this place of evil and earn your next class!

Level 60

Return to Grand Master Sean in the Forest of Mist once you are Level 60 to begin the Over Time and Space quest chain and head toward your second class change. The process will also require a visit to Town Chief Roumenus in Roumen. Good luck!

Level 100

Those valiant enough to reach level 100 will face the ultimate test of wits and strength. The third class change offers you a choice between two paths that will further hone your skills as an adventurer. Visit Alberstol Ruins and locate one of five unique and powerful Guardian Stones – Fire, Wind, Water, Earth or Tree – to get started.