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Void Inventory

Unlocks the Void Inventory for massive storage.

Type: Storage Item
Duration: Permanent
Bonus: Additional Inventory Space
Binding: Binds to Character

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Void Inventory

Acquire the Void Inventory to unlock more inventory space for your character!

Find below an F.A.Q about this new Inventory.

  • What is a Void Inventory?
    • The Void Inventory is an item that unlocks 144 inventory space for your character. Equivalent to 6 normal inventory pages.

  • What are the requirements to activate the Void Inventory?
    • After acquiring the Void Inventory, you have to make sure that all inventory pages have been permanently unlocked before being able to activate the Void Inventory.

  • Can I use this inventory to store all type of items?
    • Yes, it is possible. You can use it to store your premium items (Already active), gear, quest items and more.

  • When my normal inventory is full, will the items that I pick-up be placed automatically in the Void Inventory?
    • No, items that you (or mini-pet) pick-up will by default go into the normal inventory space of your character. Items can only be moved or taken out manually from the Void Inventory.

  • Can I use the Inventory Auto Stack for the Void Inventory?
    • No, the Inventory Auto Stack functionality isn't available for the Void inventory. All interactions with the Void Inventory have to be done manually.

  • Can I use the Void Inventory from anywhere ingame?
    • Yes, once unlocked, you simple have to click on its icon in your inventory interface to access it.

  • Can I activate/consume items that are stored in the Void Inventory?
    • No. In order to activate/consume items, they will have to be inside your normal inventory space.

  • Is the Void Inventory a shared storage for all characters on my account?
    • No, the Void Inventory is specific to the character that activated it.

  • Can quests or mini-pets interact with items in the Void Inventory?
    • No, this is not possible. You can only place or remove items from the Void Inventory manually.

  • Convenient Questing
    • When out on repeatable quests, the Void Inventory can assist you in completing your questlines faster and more convenient. Instead of consistently handing in questlines and picking up the quest again, you can move stacks into the void inventory. The game will no longer count them towards your quest items and you can continue the quest without having to pick it back up. Once you're happy with the amount of stacks collected, you can return them to your inventory one by one to hand-in the questline in bulk. This is an intended feature.