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Kingdom Quests are unique group battles in Fiesta and let as many as 20 players work together to battle tough monsters and earn experience. Plenty of challenging adventures and treasure await you in a Kingdom Quests and they are a great way to help your character make friends and level up. Try a Kingdom Quest today!

Here are all the exciting Kingdom Quests you can look forward to:

King Slime's Counterattack

Level 5 - 16

King Slime, the absolute ruler of the Slime Kingdom is invading Roumen village with his followers. For years they have been persecuted by the Henneath adventurers because they were weak and ugly. Now they are on a warpath of revenge.

Kill all of the monsters and stop King Slime in the designated amount of time.

Mara Pirates' Rage

Level 17 - 25

25 years ago, two children and one mysterious woman were banished from Roumen village for involvement in a conspiracy with a Karasian Templar. Today the children who were banished have come back to Roumen village for vengeance. Mara the Pirate and Marlon the Bandit have come to seek revenge for the exile and for the solitary death of their mother.

Find the real Mara and Marlon in the allotted time. Beware! They can duplicate themselves by using magic.

Gold Hill Adventure

Level 20 - 32

The Golden Hill is known for its abundant supply of gold. From time to time this area becomes filled with people with dreams of becoming rich.

  1. First dig ores with the pickaxe and search for the key that opens the Ice Door.
  2. Open the Ice Door and avoid an attack from the monsters trapped inside.
  3. Move to the next floor and look for the gate to escape Golden Hill.

The Millennium Robo Plot

Level 33 - 45

The Soul Stone discovered by Roumenus has disappeared. Roumenus and others have adventured all over Isya in search of the missing artifact. Finally it was discovered in the possession of Millennium Robo in the Moonlight Tomb.

Recover the Soul Stone from Millennium Robo before Elderine's backup forces arrive. You must stay alive in the allotted time.

Mean Giant Honeybandit

Level 40 - 50

Giant Honeying, the head of all Honeying, cannot live without Honey, even just for one day. The Giant Honeying decided to steal all of Elderine's honey. So they invaded the honey warehouse, but when they got there they discovered it was empty. An angry Giant Honeying then began to attack anybody in sight...

Defeat the Giant Honeying and his horde in the designated amount of time.

Lost Mini Dragon

Level 46 - 60

The Dragon was created by Evil the God of Villains. As they walk the lands of Isya, the ground rumbles and the cries of burned souls can be heard around the world. The time will come to purge Isya of this evil, but for now the fear of their power will still linger amongst its people. In an effort to bring peace to the land the Henneath Union waged war against the dragons, and eventually banished them far away to the eastern region of Isya.

As they were pushed farther, and farther west the Mini Dragon was left behind to survive on its own. Lonely, the Mini Dragon fell into sorrow, and eventually hate. In rage, he attacked all the living things around him...

Defeat the Mini Dragon in the designated time and save the day.

Spider’s Assault

Level 60 - 70

In a damp and shady marsh lives a spider and other evil monsters. The spider traps people passing by in its webs. Then the monsters butcher and feed upon them.

Rescue the people and survive against the spiders and other monsters in the designated amount of time.

King Kong Phino’s Mess

Level 70 - 79

The King Kong Phino has appeared in the Fairy Gorge to avenge his lover, Huge Phinofly. He is blinded with rage and has gone mad in search of the Henneath Adventurer that made his love cry. Fierce King Kong Phino has begun to destroy everything in the gorge mercilessly.

Defeat King Kong Phino within designated time. However, Huge Phinofly must be kept alive.

Evil Spirit Gordon Master

Level 80 - 89

Berserker Lionheart a.k.a “The Soul Sword” was an excellent leader. He was known for his great swordsmanship, which was envied by all the warriors in the land. He has been missing for 8 years. Now he has come to Roumenus to tell the story of how he was killed by the Gordon Master, an incarnation of evil. Gordon Master is now planning to destroy Roumen and Elderine. Roumenus has called upon the Henneath adventurers in an attempt to stop Gordon Master's destruction plan.

Defeat Gordon Master in the designated amount of time.

Henneath Rebellion War

Level 90 - 99

“Don't be fooled by empty promises from the god of light! Embrace the real power of the god of darkness! Power that you can actually witness!” These are the cries of the Anti-Henneath alliance. These people want to get rid of the current leaders of each town and bring people to their dark gods. They have been not only threatening innocent people but causing disorder wherever they go.

They attacked the villagers and committed incendiarism. The chiefs of each villages could not just stand and watch this massacre. They declared the Anti-Henneath alliance as a complete enemy, and invaded their headquarters...

Annihilate the Anti-Henneath alliance within the designated time.

Inheritor of Bijou

Level 100 - 110

Kalban Obeb was one of Helga’s most favoured men, but he was very much against the tribe’s strict rule of “the law of jungle”.

Kalban was born blind in one eye and as a result he tended to fall behind in battles. All members of the Hellgait tribes have skin that is like armor and horns as strong as iron. But his skin was very weak compared to the others and his horn had been cut in half, which made it look awful.

Kalban knew Helga’s affection for him was purely out of sympathy. He also knew he would be able to survive in this awful world if he used it cleverly. He found out that Helga’s protection from the hatred and ignorance of the rest of the tribe was out of sympathy, and he began to think about using Helga. His anger toward his own tribe became directed towards Helga and his rage soon took over.

Kalban Obeb began to tempt Helga by sweet talking Helga, who had an insatiable desire for endless power. “Take Bijou. You will be stronger than ever! You will become wiser, with wisdom like the most sacred beings. You will become even stronger and will even be able to move mountains!”

Helga fell for Kalban Obeb’s trick and he made the mistake of taking Bijou. This resulted in him not being able to control the power and led to the fall of the tribe. This awful incident was exactly what Kalban had hoped for. His sly tongue played a huge roles in the downfall of his species. The Hellgait tribes collapsed, all that remained was Kalban Obeb.

There was no sign of life on the continent for a long time after the end of that one species. It was awful for Obeb to bear as he only had a glimmer of hope to live by for thousands of years. Communication and battles ceased, and terrible loneliness washed over him. All that remained were the echoes when he screamed again and again... as he was slowly driven to madness, one thought came to his mind:

“I will prove that I am the only survivor of the Hellgait tribe after thousands of years! I will leave my greatness to them!”

Rage of the Emperor Slime

Level 105 - 115

After the defeat of the King Slime, the Emperor Slime decided to invade the territory of the Henneath alliance... Hearing this news, the Henneath Adventure Union starts attacking Green Hill, home base of the Emperor Slime.

Since the Emperor Slime has many Slime Soldiers, they will have to be very careful. Unite with your friends again to kill the Emperor Slime and get rid of all Slime's once and for all!

Bijou’s Sanctuary

Level 115 - 125

Pagel is invading the Sanctuary where the power of bijou has been protected for thousands of years. Pagel got nervous as his army has been losing many battles. He finally decided to raise his big army. The confrontation between Pagel's army of Greed and the Sanctuary knightage are ongoing since a couple of days but no one could bet who will win.

At that time, the pursuer team of the Henneath Alliance who were chasing Pagel, finally got to the Sanctuary. But unfortunately, some of them were captured by Pagel. Some survivors informed the Henneath alliance and you. Now it’s up to you to stop Pagel's invasion with your colleagues.

Magritte’s Hidden Mine

Level 1 - 125

Monsters have been attacking the gold mines on the Isya Continent, causing many serious problems. Some experienced adventurers have discovered that it has been ordered by Magritte, the leader of Elderina Gloria Order. You and your colleagues must work with the miners from the gold mine and stop the monsters so that the monsters cannot transport the gold ore to Magritte.

Spring Battlefield

Level 1 - 125

A new battlefield has appeared with the beginning of spring on the continent of Isya! You can battle between two teams upon this battlefield- the highlight in comparison to conventional battlefields. This can be won with a big portion of team spirit. Enjoy great gameplay with your guild in the “Spring Battlefield” and win by bringing flags back to your base with two different balls.


Battle Prelude | Battle Revival | Battle Cry | Battle Heroes | Battle Rulers | Rulers

Level 60 - 70 | 71 - 80 | 81 - 90 | 91 - 100 | 101 - 110 | 111 - 120

In the ancient celebratory arena, you will need to steal the opposing team's flag and bring it back to your base to gain points. However, you will only receive points if you're able to defend your own flag from the enemy at the same time.

The team with the most points over a 15 minute period wins. Work together with your teammates to be victorious!

Warrior’s Code

Amateur Fighter | Brave Warrior | Valliant Warrior | Invincible Hero | Super Hero

Level 35 - 49 | 55 - 69 | 78 - 89 | 95 - 105 | 111 - 125

It is optimistic to see the flourishing number of new adventurers committing to the cause in each town, but the council wants to find out how many of them are really worthy of being called heroes. After long deliberation, chiefs of each town have decided to hold a tournament to sort out each level class' best of the best.

When are Kingdom Quests available?

Kingdom Quests run on regular intervals, and there are several instances for each Kingdom. The first instance starts on the hour, and followed by the other instances a few minutes later. You have the option to join any of the instances, but you need to do so at the right time.

How do I join a Kingdom Quest?

In each town there is a special NPC that keeps a list of all Kingdom Quests. In Roumen, talk to Town Chief Roumenus near the fountain. In Elderine, talk to Guard Captain Shutian at the Western end of the town square. In Uruga, talk to Town Chief Adrien at the Eastern end of town. You can also access a list of Kingdom Quests by clicking on the “hourglass” in the top right corner of your game screen, next to the mini-map. Players can participate in Kingdom Quests beginning at level 5, and additional ones become available as your character increases in level. The Kingdom Quest list shows the status of each Kingdom Quest instance. “In Progress” Kingdom Quests are full or have already started. “On Schedule” Quests will happen in the future at the scheduled time. Look for those with ‘Recruiting’ as the status and click “Participate” to try to join.

What happens if I die in a Kingdom Quest?

If you die once or twice in the Kingdom Quest, don’t worry! Once you hit “move” you will simply come back to life where you were slain. But this doesn’t always happen. After a few deaths you will be removed from the Kingdom Quest and sent back to Roumen, so be careful!