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Clerics aid fellow adventurers with the holy power of light and deal damage with commands channeling holy wrath. The cleric can also bless their allies with magical shields, increasing their defenses and even increase their damage, making clerics an essential part of any raiding group. When a cleric speaks a word of power, you live or die.

Clerics can equip a hammer or mace and a shield. They can only wear armor specific to their class and level. Main attributes for Clerics to focus on healing are Endurance (more hit points and defense) and Spirit (more spirit points). If you want to be a combat cleric try putting stat points into Strength (to increase damage output), Endurance, and Spirit.


  • Support, Tank

Main Stats

  • Endurance, Spirit


  • At level 20 - High Cleric
  • At level 60 - Paladin
  • At level 100 – Holy Knight or Guardian


  • Exclusive armor for Cleric


  • Hammer
  • Mace
  • Shield


  • Largest range of buffs available
  • Can heal and revive other characters
  • High defense


  • No range attacks
  • Low damage
  • Mana dependent

Cleric skills


Instantly heal yourself or a friendly target.


Instantly heal yourself or a friendly target.


Cast a holy light on a vast area and heal party's HP.