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Crusaders are a hybrid class able to fill in many different roles in a party. They use a special force called “Light Power” to fuel their powerful magical attacks. They are the only class other than the Cleric who is able to heal themselves and their party. They can also deliver deadly physical attacks with their melee weapon.

Crusaders can equip huge two-handed double edged swords called Blades. They can only wear armor appropriate for their class and level. Which attributes you chose to increase for your Crusader will change dramatically depending on your playstyle.


  • DD (Damage Dealer), Support

Main Stats

  • Strength, Intelligence


  • At level 100 – Templar


  • Exclusive armor for Crusader


  • Blade


  • Can heal other characters
  • Adaptable to different situations
  • Can buff the stats of party members


  • You will need to decide to go either physical or magical damage
  • Low magical defense
  • Low Light Points at low level

Crusader skills

Light Orb

Calls the power of light to increase the physical and magical damage of your nearby teammates.

Shining Earth

Calls upon the light of Earth to shield you and your team from damage. The shield disappears when it meets its capacity or after a certain period of time.


Creates numerous pillars of light which damage enemies within a large area.