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Patch Notes

Embark upon this treacherous journey, delving deep into the heart of the unknown. The depths of the Ocean conceal untold dangers, packed with malicious creatures and elusive adversaries. Forge alliances with fellow adventurers, for it is through unity and teamwork that triumph is achieved. Together, you shall uncover the true nature of this imminent danger and safeguard the lands you hold dear.

Unleash the Epic Sequel: Expanding the Saga of the Realm of the Gods

In the vast expanse of nothingness, where darkness shrouded existence itself, Legel, the omnipotent creator, emerged. With a flourish of divine power, Legel birthed light, piercing through the eternal void and illuminating the barren lands. As the radiance spread across the continents, it unveiled a hidden element that had silently existed since time immemorial—the element of water.

Once concealed in the obscurity, water now flowed beneath the vibrant lights, intertwining with the very essence of life. It covered vast expanses, obscuring the realms that lay beneath its mysterious depths. But this was not the vibrant, life-sustaining water we now know. No, it was a dark and desolate sea, devoid of any living presence.

Yet, within this abyssal realm, where light and shadow converged, a profound transformation took place. From the depths of the blue sea, a creature emerged—a magnificent being adorned with wings as blue as the heavens. It was the progenitor of all aquatic life, the embodiment of Legel's divine light—a half-God known as Egma, the enigmatic Black Water Witch.

Born from the sacred union of water and Legel's illuminating radiance, Egma embodied the virtues of love and compassion. As the primordial ancestor of water creatures, her devotion to her kin was unparalleled. She held a unique position, for she was the firstborn of Legel, preceding even the mighty Gods. With her heart pulsating with the blended blessings of the sea and Legel's light, she silently assumed the role of a guiding force within the Water realm, despite not being a deity herself.

Thus, the legend of Egma, the Black Water Witch, began—a tale of origins and destinies woven amidst the ebb and flow of the ethereal waters. Her presence, a testament to the profound connection between the elements and the divine, forever shaped the course of the realm she called home.

Discover new zones

Unleash your sense of adventure as you discover a multitude of uncharted zones, each brimming with captivating characters and challenges.


Level 135 - 140

A zone that is submerged underwater and where the Elgaians reside. This map will be your first step into this new adventure and you can access it by using the gate from Pleasance of Ordeals.

Grave Base

Level 135 - 140

This subterranean location serves as a repository for the spirits of Egma's devoted attendants, preserving them until their eventual requirement arises to energize the Arbor Vitae situated above ground.

Dusk Den

Level 135 - 140

A heavily guarded place where the powerful royal souls linger endlessly until they are needed to power Arbor Vitae and eventually, spreading that corrupted energy in Elga.

Arbor Vitae Sanctuary

Level 135 - 140

Once sacred, the Arbor Vitae tree granted eternal solace to valiant souls who fought for Elga's glory. Now, tainted by an enigmatic dark power, it stands as a haunting symbol of a sinister transformation.

The Black Deep

Level 135 - 140

The place where Queen Egma resides within this realm. Fight your way through this dungeon and stop her on her path to take over the land of the living, Isya.

New Breathing mechanic

Discover a brand-new mechanic in the Rise of Elga content. Just like every living being in this vast world, the simple act of taking a breath becomes an extraordinary feat within the watery depths of this realm. As you take a step in the submerged areas, you will see a blue tint effect appearing on your screen and if this last too long, you will start lacking oxygen and lose Health Points.

But fear not, for within Elga, scattered throughout the landscape are enchanting air bubbles, waiting to be discovered. You will have to make sure to reach those bubbles in time or use the Oxygen Refill Item, which can be obtained through your exploration in this realm.