Rise of Elga Patch Notes - May 30, 2023

Embark on a breathtaking journey through the enchanting realm of Elga in Fiesta Online. Brace yourself for an extraordinary adventure unlike any other!  

But beware, Isyans! Survival in the depths of Elga depends on mastering oxygen management. Navigate the treacherous waters wisely to avoid the harrowing effects of oxygen deprivation. 

Immerse yourself in a world adorned with water-inspired landscapes and formidable creatures, waiting to be conquered! 

Let's start by exploring the new places: 

Step foot into this captivating new zone, your gateway to an unforgettable adventure. To access, simply pass through the gate located in Pleasance of Ordeals.

Take note, only those intrepid adventurers who have reached level 135 and beyond can enter this wondrous realm. 

Delve into Elga's realm and discover 5 new underground maps, each brimming with secrets and challenges to test your courage and skill. 

Elga introduces a unique system known as the 'Breathing' mechanic'.

In this system, you'll face the thrilling perils of drowning and suffocation due to underwater pressure. To ensure your survival, you can seek refuge in air bubbles or use Oxygen Refill items to replenish your oxygen supply. 

Will you conquer the challenges that await and leave your mark on this extraordinary realm? 

Enter the mystical Arbor Vitae Sanctuary, the dwelling place of the revered soul tree.  

Within this sanctuary, the Arbor Vitae tree gathers and harnesses the souls of fallen Elgains, converting them into potent magical fuel to sustain Elga's existence.

Explore the depths of this transformed sanctuary and uncover the secrets it holds. 

Descend into the depths of the Grave Base, a subterranean sanctuary that houses the spirits of Egma's loyal attendants.  


Delve into the first underground layer beneath the Arbor Vitae Sanctuary. Encounter lingering souls. Unearth their secrets and face formidable foes connected to Elga's story.  

Descend further into the depths of the Dusk Den, the second underground layer beneath the Grave Base. 

Within the Dusk Den lies a repository of potent royal souls, destined to fuel the Arbor Vitae and unleash their corrupted energy upon Elga.

Navigate this treacherous domain, confront formidable Guardians, and unravel the unsettling connection between these powerful souls and Elga's fate. 

Get ready to face a bunch of amazing new monsters across the exciting new maps: From the tenacious Guardian Bovidae and vigilant Guardian Shepherd to the elusive Arazyl and fearsome Darathyl, a host of formidable creatures will cross your path. Watch out for the mischievous Rex, the cunning Arachnid, and the crafty Fennec, among others, as they bring excitement and challenges to your journey. 

Introducing 55 new questlines to guide you through the captivating world of Elga and uncover the intriguing backstory behind it all. Engage in talk quests and battle formidable foes. Level up from 135 to 140 as you uncover the secrets that will shape Elga's destiny.  

Get ready for the highly anticipated LVL 140 gear sets in the new realm! 

Gear sets in the realm of Elga are categorized into two distinct tiers: Corrupted and Tainted. Each tier offers its own unique advantages to aid you in your journey. Corrupted gears that you can get from the chests, provide a mysterious and exciting chance at powerful equipment. On the other hand, Tainted gears are obtained directly from the formidable boss mobs lurking in the dungeons, offering a guaranteed reward for your bravery and skill in battle. Choose your path and equip yourself with the gear that best suits your strategy and playstyle. 

In addition, the Water Realm presents the new Lvl 140 bracelets. Unlike their counterparts, these bracelets possess a unique quality. Alongside their regular stats, they hold a damage effect that will make you unstoppable. Notably, they cannot be enhanced with the traditional Fragment of Bijou, but rather require the new Bright Chunk of Bijou.  

Presenting the Egma Bracelets: Bracelet of Corrupted Egma with 10% dmg and Bracelet of Tainted Egma with 20% dmg - two versions to enhance your power in combat. 

A new instance is also available in this realm: 

Behind a sealed magical gate lies Egma's Dungeon, where Queen Egma resides in her temple.  

Face the formidable boss, Egma and witness her awe-inspiring transformation! 

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Assemble your team of up to 10 brave adventurers, all at level 135 or above, and plunge into the thrilling depths of The Black Deep! Unseen challenges, formidable foes, and untold treasures await you in this extraordinary journey. Don't miss out on this epic adventure in Fiesta Online's Rise of Elga. The realm of Elga is calling... will you answer? 

Fiesta Online Team 

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