Maintenance : 27/04/17

Dear community,

A maintenance took place on 27/04/17. Here are the changes:

Client version: 1.05.132

  • It is now possible to hide characters on the following maps:
    • Roumen
    • Adelia
    • Bera
  • The Easter Kingdom Quest and Terry the bunny are no longer available but the NPC “Easter Bunny” will be still available in Roumen for a few more weeks.
  • The quest “Beautiful Complexion” should no longer block the menu of the NPC “Item Merchant Kenton”.
  • The respawn time of the monster “Frantic Golem” has been lowered.

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where female joker characters couldn’t use the new dances.
  • Fixed a bug where the item “Valkyrie Shoes" didn’t have a crit bonus.
  • Fixed a display bug that would affect the timer of premium items.
  • Fixed a bug where it wasn’t possible to empower the effect of the following skills:
    • Frost Nova [05]
    • Frost Nova [06]
  • A bug where the new premium dances had no duration has been fixed.
  • Fixed the icon of the item “Leather Boots”.

Your Fiesta Online team

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