Ratman Winners - 70% Server Boost

Congratulations, Isyans!

You have defeated 15,000 Ratman and even more!
We have activated the following for all players:

Server Boost XP & Drop: 70%
The boost will be active until June 19, 2024 at 1:00 AM PDT.

The code is available until June 15, 2024 at 2:59 PM.

Congratulations to our winners! You will receive a code within a day on Discord:

Madzilla, Server Khazul 
adrianshunand, Server Isya
Amatonk, Server Cypian
Mariana, Server Isya
Ohsnaps, Server Isya
JohnCena, Server Malephar 
FierySoul, Server Isya
Torment, Server Khazul
Lurouu, Server Isya
ZekaFLV , Server Khazul
Groeck, Server Malephar 
Lila, Server 
I_Leona_I, Server Isya
MathHead, Server Isya
Rambar, Server Isya
MrLock. Server Isya
Taija, Server Khazul
Meruisa, Server Isya
Kennie_, Server Isya
Kohima, Server Isya

Thank you all for joining!
Your Fiesta Online Team

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