Patch Notes - December 5, 2023

Hello, Isyans!  

Find below what is going to be done during maintenance.


  • Towns have been decorated for Christmas.
  • Blizzard's Frosty Ride is back!
    • Start the race at Ms. Blizzard and get right into it! Collect points with the red, yellow and blue padded pillars and get a speed boost in the process! On the icy track, you'll encounter snowmen who want to steal your points and evil Honeyings who want to stop you from winning and stun you! Be sure to watch out for the muddy spots on the track so you don't slow down or even get stuck on it!
    • You will now receive your rewards even if you change maps or disconnect from the game.
  • Some rewards of the Advent Calendar (5th December and onwards), have been updated and includes 2 very special presents.
  • A new special questline has been added. Talk to Robin in Roumen for more information.
  • A new Christmas dungeon "Snowflake Spire" has been added and the key to access it can be obtained by completing Grandpa Robin's daily quest.
    • The dungeon is split into 3 different level ranges:
      • Snowflake Spire #1 - Lv 20 - 85 (Roumen)
      • Snowflake Spire #2 - Lv 86 - 125 (Elderine)
      • Snowflake Spire #3 - Lv 126 - 140 (Uruga)
    • By helping Santa Ming in the Snowflake Spire, you can obtain Christmas Tickets.
  • Martha's has received a new batch of items for the season, which includes a new 4 seats mount!

See you all ingame!
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