Patch Notes 7.5

Dear Isyans,

As the temperatures are rising and summer is in full throttle, heat is also coming to Isya. Deep down in the mines of the Celestial Gardens the mischievous bandits have started to temper with corruption and lured one of the ancient ogres Kalzar into their hideout. In their lair they forge and craft items with immense power and experiment on creatures to see if the corruption can be used to build an army for them.

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Client version: 6.0.8
Premium items have been extended for the duration of the maintenance.
  • An issue has been fixed that would cause the World Boss Amatheon to spawn twice
  • A discrepancy between EU and US Questlines for Auto-Handin / Pickup has been fixed

  • Instance Dungeon “Night Stalker’s Hideout” has been added to Celestial Gardens (Lvl 135-140)
  • New Questlines related to “Night Stalker’s Hideout” have been added to the game
  • 3 new NPCs have been added to the Celestial Gardens, which will lead you through the new quests for the Dungeon "Nightstalker's Hideout"
  • New Premium Items have been added to the game
  • This dungeon is available only through an Expedition party.
  • The KQ “Water Balloon Battle” has been brought back for summer!
  • Item Rewards for KQ have been adjusted and can be found at the NPC in Elderine

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