Patch Notes 05/12/2020

Dear Isyans!

Welcome back to our 2nd patch in May!

This month we focused on some highly requested fixes and adjustments. We've been able to fix this really annoying bug which didn't let you join the Ominious Valley instance with a whole expedition party. Besides that we finally found the cause which made specific monsters to strong. Their gym membership has been cancelled and they now deal "normal" damage to any player. For those who ever had an issue teleporting on the guild tournament map, we finally added a highly requested re-join button. If you simply click on "View Match/Date" you can re-join your guild in the fight until up to 10 min after it started!

But that's not all... we have fixed a few text errors for all our versions and also adjusted some other annoying or minor bugs in the game! Find all the information directly in our Patch Note details.

Oh.. for those guilds or single guild who had an issue with their guild buff.. the time has come.. you finally can collect your guild buff hours in peace again!

Client-Version: 1.02.277

Your Premium Items have been extended for the duration of the maintenance.

smiley65.png Adjustments & changes:

  • The "Succulent Cake Mini House" has been removed from NPC Madame Sera in Roumen due to an issue that wouldn't properly display the mini house.
  • Any skill will now automatically update in the shortcut bar if you learn the next higher level of the skill.
  • A new feature has been added to the Fields of Glory "View Match/Date" table. If you click on it you will get a pop up window which will ask you to join/re-join the guild tournament as an observer/viewer. The re-join option can be used up to 10 minutes after the guild tournament started.

smiley65.png Bug Fixes:

  • A text error on the below listed easter items has been fixed. It now displays (+5 Slots) correctly in the item name and description.
    • Egg Surprise (+5 Slots)(1 Day)
    • Egg Surprise (+5 Slots)(7 Days)
    • Egg Surprise (+5 Slots)(30 Days)
    • Bunny's Burrow (+5 Slots)(1 Day)
    • Bunny's Burrow (+5 Slots)(7 Days)
    • Bunny's Burrow (+5 Slots)(30 Days)
  • The valentines quest have been deactivated
  • An issue has been fixed, where the character was able to move around and casting skills that actually should lock the character movement.
  • A visual issue on the Winter Knight Costume has been fixed. It will no longer make the body invisible.
  • A scrolling issue in the quest list has been fixed. You should now properly be able to scroll through the quest list.
  • The Instance "Ominous Canyon" should no longer teleport you out when entering with an expedition party.
  • A bug with the quest overview of the quest "Open wounds of Olverstol 1" has been fixed. The locations for the quest are now shown correctly.
  • A bug with the Monster HP regeneration has been fixed. They will now regenerate health as before when aggro is lost.
  • [EU only] A text error with the returning information has been fixed. If you finish the Kingdom Quest "Mean Giant Honeying" it will now display the correct map to which you will return.
  • A text error has been adjusted. The Karen Set Items should no longer overlap.
  • A text error has been fixed so that the description of the Karen Set Items fit the selling price.
  • A bug with the quest "Temple of Gods 1" has been fixed. The quest should now require the correct quest item before it can be finished.
  • A bug has been fixed which would reset the guild buff timer to 0 after a certain amount of time has been reached. It now works as intended for all affected guilds.
  • Multiple bugs have been fixed which occured for some potions:
    • The Potions now reflect the correct Icon.
    • The Buff Duration for “Increased Poision Resistance (Tier 4)”, “Increased Disease Resistance (Tier 4)” and “Increased Curse Resistance (Tier 4)” have been corrected.
    • The Potions are now correctly localized.
  • A bug has been fixed where monsters drank a potion and gained so much strength that they one-hitted players after using a skill.
  • A bug has been fixed where some items wouldn't show a request to drop the item. If you drop those items now, a window will pop up and asks if you want to drop the item.

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