Patchnotes 07.01.2020

Dear Isyans!

Welcome back to our first patch in June!

This month we focused on some highly requested fixes and adjustments. We have dealt with some classes, inventory and storage upgrades among others. We finally found the cause which made some KQ monsters too strong and unable to be destroyed. We hope your gaming experience will continue to improve as we continue to tackle issues and provide you all with a more fun experience!

But that's not all... we have fixed a few text errors for all our versions and also adjusted some other annoying minor bugs in the game! Find all the information directly in our Patch Note details.

Client-Version: 1.02.277

Your Premium Items have been extended for the duration of the maintenance.

smiley65.png Adjustments & changes:

  • Added a new feature to allow the guild storage to be extended by up to 2 pages.
    • The guild storage can be increased by using the guild storage increase item as the master of the guild. It will be available in the cash shop soon, keep an eye out!
  • The level 20 job change has been adjusted so that it is consistent across all classes. You are no longer able to remotely accept or hand in the quest on some classes.
  • Auto mini-pets have been adjusted to now consume tier 6 scrolls and pots.
  • The maximum stack of the “Attendance Stamp” item has been changed to 1000.
  • The Guardian skill “Saint’s Protection” has been adjusted to be place-able by the player.
  • Several quality of life improvements have been made to the gear upgrade window:
    • You are now able to right click items from your inventory to add them to the upgrade window.
    • You are now able to right click items in the upgrade window to remove them back to your inventory.
    • When the weapon upgrade has finished, the weapon and upgrade resources are no longer removed back to the inventory, with a few exceptions:
      • If the resource stack amount reaches 0 it will be removed.
      • If the weapon upgrade level downgrades to 0 the blue mile resource will be removed if there is one.
    • The way point system (or autorun) system has been temporarily disabled while we monitor memory issues. If you notice any improvements, please let us know.

smiley65.png Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where skill cast effects were not cancelled on other player screens when the skill was cancelled.
  • Adjusted the HP, Defense and Magic Resist of Sorah’s Chest in the KQ “Sorah’s Catacomb” for level 125 – 135.
  • An issue with the shiny mob system which causes monsters to spawn as “hidden” or “invisible” shiny mobs has been tackled in this patch, we hope that all shiny mobs have the correct shiny aura and buff icon now. This change, if it works as intended, should reduce the spawn rate of shiny monsters because the hidden shiny monsters were a side effect that were not intended. If you notice any improvements, please let us know.
  • An issue causing the login to time out has been tackled and we hope it will be fixed with this patch. Please let us know if you experience any improvements.
  • The Guardian skill “Saint’s Protection” has been fixed and should no longer decrease mount speed.
  • An issue with the beauty salon UI has been fixed, the UI placement should now be consistent.
  • An issue with the play guide system has been resolved, now when you click the “?” icon it should bring up the related guides.
  • An issue has been fixed where expedition group members were affected by AOE damage spells (i.e. Frost Nova). Expedition group members should no longer be affected by friendly AOE spells.
  • An issue has been fixed where leaving the beauty salon caused a memory leak, eating up unnecessary computer resources.
  • An issue has been fixed in the beauty shop when changing gender which was failing to perform the necessary checks to prevent unintended results.
  • An issue has been fixed where the music in Swamp of Dawn was not playing at all or the wrong music was playing instead. It should now play the correct music.
  • Several issues with the enchantment window have been resolved:
    • An issue has been fixed where the stack of gems in player inventories would vanish after relogging when the stack amount was greater than 1 after being attached to a weapon socket.
    • An issue has been fixed where the gem item could not be relocated if it had a stack count more than 1 after being attached to a weapon socket.
    • An issue has been fixed where the gem stack count would display a random number when a weapon with occupied weapon sockets was moved to the enchantment window or remove enchantment window.
    • An issue has been fixed where moving a weapon to the enchantment window caused the “Drop Item” dialogue box to appear. It should no longer appear.
  • An issue with the gear upgrade window which caused the premium resource slots to become visible when enhancing bracelets has been fixed.
  • An issue with the gear upgrade window which caused the upgrade to start and then fail because the resource tier was incorrect has been fixed. It will now display an error message (“You need to be level X to use the enhancement item”) instead of starting the upgrade.
  • An issue where the Wizard passive skill “Deep Fear” would spam the client system log with an error (“The effect cannot be used because upper level effect are used already”) when an enemy already had a higher level debuff applied has been fixed to no longer output a message to the client system log.
  • Some client and server clean up tasks have taken place to remove and update outdated and inefficient code to deliver a better game play experience.

smiley65.png Text Fixes:

  • Fixed some text issues with the level 20 job change instance script where special characters were not recognised correctly.
  • Fixed a typo in the “Millennium Robo Plot” kingdom quest title

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