Patch Notes 02/08/2022 - The Realm of Love

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen of hearts!

The loveliest season of the year has begun and the little bees are busy transporting love letters from town to town. Bells are ringing softly in the background and your perfect wedding awaits!

Client Version: 1.02.330
Premium items have been extended for the duration of maintenance.

  • A new map for events has been added to the game.
  • This map contains an area for wedding ceremonies with many guests and a reward for the bride and groom.
  • The map includes additional areas for future events.
  • The Valentine's Day event has been activated.
  • I Really Love To Share My Love...(Lv 1-40)(Event Quest)
  • I Really Love To Share My Love...(Lv 41-80)(Event Quest)
  • I Really Love To Share My Love...(Lv 81-125)(Event Quest)
  • I Really Love To Share My Love...(Lv 126-140)(Event Quest)
  • [Valentine's Day] Florenz is distraught!
  • [Valentine's Day] Florenz needs your help!
  • [Valentine's Day] Florenz needs Consolation! (Lv 1-40)
  • [Valentine's Day] Florenz needs Consolation! (Lv 41-80)
  • [Valentine's Day] Florenz needs Consolation! (Lv 81-124)
  • [Valentine's Day] Florenz needs Consolation! (Lv 125-140)

Adjustments & Changes:
  • Level 136 skills can be picked up through a daily quest.
  • If characters had more than 1 class change after completing the quest, there was no way to get the ability. This is now possible again through the daily quest.

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where no one could join after a guild name change. This is now possible again.
  • Fixed a bug where some instances could not be joined as an expedition group. This is now possible again.

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