Mystery Sale

Hey Isyans,

The Mystery Sale returns this weekend!
The sale will be available on May 19, 2024 from 10 AM PDT until 11 PM PDT.

For those of you that missed the mystery sale last time or are not familiar with this event yet, this is how it works:

Every now and then this category will pop up in the item store and when it does, it'll be filled with mysterious goodies that only have a limited stock. But even there we've managed to push for a high amount of stock so they are available for a longer time for your needs!
The items are not visible to the users right away. It's a sales event in which you are shown a number of items as well as the time to which each item is released to the store. The time to which the item is released will be indicated on the item icon.

So how does it work? Each item will go live in the mysterious items category based on the time stamp posted on the icon. You'll then have time to buy it until stocks depleted. There can be special discounts on some of the items while others will be available at regular prices. Unfortunately, we can't show you the stock leftover in the store as our system currently doesn't support this feature, but you will know once the stock is finished because upon purchase you'll get an error message informing you that we ran out.

The mysterious items will appear at 10 AM (PST) in the item shop and will remain mysterious until the sale starts. Because you have the specific times shown in the store there will be no further announcements of when an item goes live.

*gamigo retains the right to cancel the event should it cause major issues to our systems.

Have fun and enjoy this special event!
Your Fiesta Online Team

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