Midnight Brigade Patch Notes - October 24, 2023

Hello Isyans! 

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey as we introduce a new Kingdom Quest. This adventure is tailor-made for players of all levels, with multiple tiers to challenge your skills and put you to the test. 

This Kingdom Quest is available for the following level ranges: 

Midnight Brigade [Veteran]: Lv 36 – 65
Midnight Brigade [Expert]: Lv 66 – 95
Midnight Brigade [Master]: Lv 96 – 125
Midnight Brigade [Grand Master]: Lv 126 – 140 

✔ This new Kingdom Quest will be available every two hours. 
✔ A minimum of 4 players is required to start the KQ while the maximum number of players per KQ is 25. 
✔ Prepare to face four formidable mini-bosses, each representing a different elemental aspect & the final boss: 
Iglis – Ice aspect 
Lutu – Earth aspect 
Blaze – Fire aspect 
Aeris – Wind aspect 
Castor (Main boss) 

Introduction of the new elemental battle encounter 

✔ Each of the mini bosses of the Kingdom Quest has an element assigned to them. 
✔ Upon entering the territory of a mini boss, the players within the area will be assigned their corresponding element buff: 

Volcarnum Status – Fire
Vortex Status – Wind 
Geobane Status – Earth 
Glacix Status – Ice 

✔ By default, mini bosses do not have an elemental status assigned. However, once an elemental pillar is spawned, the corresponding element of that mini boss will be applied to itself. 
✔ If characters have the same element as the mini boss and keep trying to interact with it, they will experience negative effects.  
✔ When the pillar guardians are destroyed, the element status will be removed from the mini boss. 

New type of Bracelets: 

- Physical and Magical defense. 
- Equipping specific bracelets can unlock additional effects. 

New type of mini pets: 

- Randomized stats.
- Can be enhanced to +9. 
Equipping two identical mini pets can trigger unique set effects. 
Duration of 15 days but can be extended by making use of the “Fragments of Gods”. 
- Special use effect.

✔ New currencies that can be exchanged with the NPC Foras available in different towns. 

The Madness Maze is back! 

Take on the sinister pumpkin villain, Bill, at the labyrinth's end. Race through the maze to claim eerie titles. 
For more information, check it out here.

Bug fix 

✔ A bug where elements of several permanent outfits were missing on a female character has been fixed.  
✔A bug where Corrupted Staff & Corrupted Wand (Account bound after character transfer) had the wrong stats, has been fixed.


✔ The Cash Token will no longer be droppable on the ground from characters’ inventories. 

See you in-game, brave Isyans! 

Fiesta Online Team 

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