Patch Notes - April 17, 2024

Hello Isyans!

Find here what is going to be done during the maintenance.

Event – Easter Part I:

  • The Kingdom Quest “La Cosa Chongus” is no longer available.
  • Raul and his quests are no longer available.
Event – Easter Part II:
  • Police bunny has made an appearance in town and is requesting assistance from the adventurers for an investigation related to La Cosa Chongus and the true mastermind behind this whole operation, Maresca!
  • Helping her to solve this case will grant you the following rewards:
    • [Event] Police Bunny's Prezzie 1 to 4
      • Since the Police Bunny is so busy with the investigation, she forgot what's actually in those boxes. But some adventures did hear the sheep saying, it can contain a beloved Aura or even sheep that will serve brave adventures as mount and much more!
    • Title: Curse of Maresca
      • HP Increase +3%
      • SP Increase +3%
      • Aim +2%
      • Evasion +2%
      • Critical +2.5%
  • Several translation issues have been fixed.
  • The following recipes will no longer drop ingame as they are not usable:
    • Recipe: Curse Immunity Potion
    • Recipe: Illness Immunity Potion
    • Recipe: Poison Immunity Potion
  • A bug where it was possible to destroy a portal gate with AoE spells in the instance “Burning Adealia” has been fixed.

See you ingame!
Your Fiesta Online team

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