Get ready to give into the Water Realm

Hello Isyans!  

Prepare to immerse yourself in the depths of the magnificent water realm! 

We know you've been eagerly waiting for this, and now the wait is finally over! 
We've got some exciting news to share with you all that's sure to get you pumped up! 

The “Rise of Elga” Patch is almost here, and we can't wait for you to experience all the new adventures that await you! It's going to be epic! 

Get ready to mark your calendars for May 30, 2023, as the latest patch, Rise of Elga, will be going live!  

But wait, there's more! Before venturing into the awe-inspiring world of Rise of Elga, ensure you've attained the minimum level requirement of 135This will unlock the gateways to breathtaking challenges and unparalleled achievements. 

Sharpen your skills, rally your allies, and prepare to conquer new horizons! 

To aid you in your ascent to greatness, we’re offering a mind-blowing EXP and DROP +50% Boost to across all our servers from May 25, 2023, at 5 AM PDT, to May 30, 2023, at 1 AM PDT! It's the perfect opportunity to fast-track your levelling and gather valuable resources. 

And for all our amazing Content Creators out there, we've got something special for you too! 

By filling out our Streaming Form HERE, you'll have a chance to receive Giveaway codes for your community on Twitch or YouTube. 

Keep an eye on both platforms, as we may contact you with special codes or giveaways to share with your followers. 

We're beyond excited to share this news with you, and we can't wait for you to join us in the epic journey of Rise of Elga! 

Let's make unforgettable memories together! 

Fiesta Online Team 

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