[gamigo20] Challenge 4! Kingdom Quest Professional!

At long last! The final challenge is here!
Have you ever completed every single Kingdom Quest we have?
If you haven't here is your chance to do so!
Teamwork will make this a easy feat!

Challenge 4:
Captain Shutian has a special quest ready for you '[Anniversary Challenge] We can do any Kingdom Quest together!" for you. Accept this quest first then complete as many Kingdom Quest as possible!

Start: Thursday, 10.22.2020 at 9:00 am PDT
Ends: Wednesday, 10.28.2020 at 09:00 am PDT!

Winners: Top 10 in all versions!
Our top 10 winners will receive Anniversary rewards!

Anniversary Points
First Place: 5.000 Anniversary Points
Second Place: 2.500 Anniversary Points
Third Place: 1.000 Anniversary Points
Fourth Place: 500 Anniversary Points
Fifth Place: 250 Anniversary Points
Sixth to Tenth Place: 150 Anniversary Points

Good Luck, and Have Fun!
Your Fiesta Online Team

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