[Fiesta Online] A new chapter

Dear Community,

We are aware that you went through a long and quiet period without knowing what was exactly going on or how the game will evolve. However, today is the day where we can finally announce that as from now, gamigo is not only the publisher, but also the developer of Fiesta Online.

Since the game didn't take the right direction we wished it had in 2015, OnsOn and us were intensively discussing about the future of Fiesta and came to the agreement that gamigo will entirely take responsibility of the whole game worldwide.

The handover took place last week. We are currently setting up everything that is needed internally as we speak. In the near future, we will also release the content patches. With this, we want to show you that we put all our heart and soul into Fiesta and its development for the years to come.

Furthermore, we want to incorporate your feedback more into our work and we will always be happy to receive constructive feedbacks from you!

This is a really big step for us and as you can imagine. we will need some time to get used to it. There will be no week-long discussions any more about changes for the game and it is no longer enough to just prepare suggestions for the game as from now on, it now has to be developed and built into the game entirely by us.

Regardless of the challenging new tasks and the risen responsibilities, we are full of anticipation and confidence. To share this new excitement with all of you, we have planned some ingame and forum events in the next couple of days. We hope for an eventful time together with you! Visit the Event discussion forum for more information about the upcoming events.

Best wishes,
Your Fiesta Online Team

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