Love letter

Love is in the air!

Players are in love everywhere! On February 14, we celebrate Valentine's Day - a day full of love, hearts and ... pain when you pick the wrong gift!
Your CREATIVITY is needed, because now you have the opportunity to confess your true love to your Fiesta partner. We want you to send a love letter to your partner. In this love letter there is no limit to your creativity - or at least almost none.

The love letter can be submitted as text, picture, screenshot or whatever else you can think of. What counts is the meaning behind it! 

Here's what you need to do for it: 
  • Show your creativity and confess your true love to your Fiesta partner! 
  • Fill out the form HERE and provide the following information:
  • Your character name and server
  • The character name of your partner or your beloved one.
  • Either a text (poem, haiku, story, ...) or a picture (digital, hand drawn, made of noodles, a photo, etc.)
  • and a description of what you want to express with it.
  • It needs to be Fiesta Online related.


Submit your entry until February 15th 2022 at 1 am PST. 


The winner will receive a MEGA wedding package for themselves and their partner.
  • Engagement ring (only the winner)
  • Wedding Application
  • Wedding veil (7 Days) (for the bride/-es)
  • Wedding Suit / Dress (Permanent)(+2% Crit)
  • 8x Heart Fireworks
  • 40 invitations for friends
  • White Wedding costume (30 days)
  • Wedding Car (Permanent)
  • Beauty Coupon (Dye)
The 2nd and 3rd place will each receive a Luxury Wedding Package for themselves and their partner.
  • Wedding Suit / Dress (Permanent)(+2% Crit)
  • 8x Heart Fireworks
  • 40 invitations for friends
  • Wedding Application
Per server, 1 Game Master wedding ceremony will be raffled among all participants. During the ceremony, special goodies, as well as a gift for the wedding couple will be distributed. The procedure, as well as a date/time will be arranged with the winner of the server after the winners have been announced.

Event rules 
  • The general terms and conditions and game rules apply. 
  • All game versions of Fiesta Online take part in this event. 
  • Entries will be judged by gamigo staff on appearance, thought/idea and creativity.
  • The decision of the Fiesta Online team and gamigo are final.
  • Upon submission, gamigo will be allowed to use the submissions freely.

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