Emerald Bloom Collections


Hold onto your seats because from February 22, 2024, at 1 AM PST until February 25, 2024, at 2:59 PM PST, we are dropping a lineup of packs that'll not only boost your style but ensure you're always geared up for action!

  Emerald Bloom Collection 
  Jaded Bloom Collection 
  Jaded Radiance Collection 
  Jaded Serenity Collection 

✔ When you purchase one of these packs, it will be delivered to your Premium Inventory.
✔ As you move the pack from your Premium Inventory to your character's inventory, it will open, revealing valuable "Coupons."
✔ You can exchange these Coupons with the NPC "Emerald Merchant Akina" in Elderine for exclusive in-game items.
✔ These Coupons are account-bound, allowing you to transfer them to other characters within the same account before redemption. Once you're ready, you can exchange them with the NPC and receive character-bound items.

For a detailed breakdown of the contents of each pack in coupon form, please visit this link.

Happy shopping,
Fiesta Online Team

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