Easter Trio Challenge

Isyans, we have egg-citing challenges for you! Complete our three challenges, and you’ll earn an EASTER SURPRISE! 

Here’s what you need to do: 

1. Join our Discord server [Click]. 

2. Go to the #EasterChallenge2024 channel. 

3. Finish the three challenges and share proof of your completed tasks. 

1st Challenge: #Puzzle-Party 

- Access the puzzle [Click]. 
- Solve the puzzle. 
- Capture a screenshot showing the completed puzzle, ensuring the time taken and the number of puzzle pieces are visible (no cheating). 
- Post your screenshot in the #Puzzle-Party Discord channel, with your character name and server. 
- Great work! Now head to the second challenge. 

2nd Challenge: #Coloring-Party 

- Open the image [Image LINK]. 
- Color the image using any program (like Paint, Photoshop) or print and color it manually. 
- Take a screenshot or photo of your artwork and post it in the #Coloring-Party channel on Discord, with your character name and server. 
- Well done! Time for the final challenge. 

3rd Challenge: #Screenshot-Party 

- Enter the new Easter KQ and find the boss, Chonk Chongus. 
- Take a screenshot with the boss. 
- Post your screenshot in the #Screenshot-Party channel on Discord, including your character name and server. 
- Congratulations, you’ve completed all three challenges! 

If you follow all steps correctly, the Fiesta Online Team will contact you on Discord and send you the item Master Hare's Tail (+6% Damage)(7 Days)! You have until April 2, 2024, to complete all three challenges. 

Participants will be contacted within one week after the event ends. 

For Details & Terms, dive in here. 

Your Fiesta Online Team 

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