Fiesta Online - Shadow of Gods

Dear community,

The servers are now available and the premium items have been extended for the duration of the maintenance.

Client version: 1.02.178

Citadel of Chaos

Discover this new instance added on the Island of Eya. Stop the great Shaman Khazul at all cost in order to protect Isya! Fight through his army but beware as this will not be an easy task! 
  • Available for Lv 130 – 135.
  • The gate to this instance is available in the Island of Eya.
  • Accessible up to 10 players.
  • 12 new weapons have been added.
  • 2 new shields have been added.
  • There will be 2 ways to acquire these new weapons:
    • Dropping them by completing the instance.
    • Purchasing them from a new NPC named Mildwin by using the item "Soul of Khazul".
    • "Soul of Khazul" can be obtained by a monster drop in this instance.
  • 4 new quests to complete in this new dungeon.

Lair of the Demonic Queen

The succubus is back! Sweeter and deadlier than even! Dwell into the new lair of the Demonic Queen! But be aware, not all adventurers will come back alive from this new experience!
  • Available for Lv 130 – 135.
  • The gate to this instance is available in the Island of Eya.
  • Accessible up to 10 players.
  • 12 new weapons have been added.
  • A new shield has been added.
  • 4 new jewels have been added.
  • To gain access to the Lair of the Demonic Queen, you will need to complete a daily quest that will give you a Demonic Crystal which will then grant you access to the lair. This item will only last for 1 hour and the countdown will start as soon as you receive the item in your inventory.
  • 6 new quests related to his new map have been added.
  • 3 new costume sets have been added:
    • Demonic Queen Costume Set (Physical Def)
    • Demonic Queen Costume Set (Critical)
    • Demonic Queen Costume Set (Stat)
    • These sets can by exchanging Demonic Fragments with Priestess Eresa.
    • These Demonic Fragments can also be used to extend of duration of the Demonic Queen Costume Set. (up to max of 90 days)

Twilight of the Void

A new available map filled with dangerous creatures to discover and also new quests that will guide you in your adventure!
  • Available for Lv 130 – 135.
  • The gate to this map is available in the Island of Eya.
  • 5 new quests related to his new map.

Sorah's Catacomb

A mysterious woman appeared on the continent of Isya. Some say that she is linked to an old mystic legend, which involved memories and a mysterious chest. Join the new Kingdom Quest ‘Sorah’s Catacomb’ to unveil the secret of this enigmatic woman!
  • New Kingdom Quest available for the following level range:
    • Level 25-39
    • Level 65-79
    • Level 95-109
    • Level 125-135
  • 8 new quests related to this new Kingdom Quest.

Group Finder
  • The Group Finder interface has been revamped. You can now queue in for an instance run with other players. Once the group is ready, you will be teleported in front of the instance entrance along with the other players.
  • In order to be teleported, please make sure that you aren't in vendor mode in your mini house.
  • You can also start the instance early by pressing on the button "Start Early".

  • It is the time to celebrate Christmas on Isya!
    • Towns of Isya has been decorated for the occasion!
    • Christmas interface has been activated.
    • Christmas trees are back in town! Make sure to dance next to them to receive a nice little buff!
    • The Kebings are back in the Free battle zones 1 - 3!
  • Ski Tournament has been activated!
    • Participate in an exciting race on the Ski Track!
    • Complete the Daily quest "Road to Victory" to win Winter Coins!
    • Exchange those coins with Winter Ming which will be waiting for you in Elderine!
Bug fixes
  • A bug where the passive of the Wizard would not work after a death has been fixed.

Your Fiesta Online team

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