Maintenance : 11/04/17

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A maintenance took place on 11/04/17. Here are the changes:

Client version: 1.05.131

New content:
  • The new event Kingdom Quest “The big egg hunt” is now available.
    • Collect as many Easter Eggs as possible. Beware, it won’t be an easy job!
    • Exchange the Easter Eggs for rewards with the Easter Bunny found in Roumen.
    • Find the reward list here.
  • Terry the bunny has been invading the continent of Isya. Defeat him and bring back the Easter Eggs to the Easter Bunny in Roumen! Terry can be found in the following maps:
    • Sand Beach
    • Forest of Tides
    • Sea of Greed
    • Moonlight Tomb
    • Vine Tomb
    • Goblin Camp 
    • Scaffold Execution ground
    • Dark Passage II
    • Uruga
    • Ancient Elven Woods
    • Forest of Slumber
    • Burning Rock
    • Swamp of Dawn
    • Alberstol Ruins
    • Dark Land
    • Kahal Plain
    • Kahal Snow Fields
    • Kahal Canyon
    • Island of Eya
    • Pagel's Battlefield
    • Crystal Cave

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Maintenance : 11/05/17

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