Maintenance: 12/01/17

Dear community,

A maintenance took place on 12/01/17. Here are the changes:

Client version: 1.05.121

  • A server message will now appear upon Khazul’s death.
  • Christmas content has been deactivated. Winterming will still be available in town to exchange your tokens.

Bug fixes:
  • The texture of the NPC giving access to the map “Destroyed Refuge of the Abyss” has been fixed.
  • A bug where characters lv 126 or higher couldn’t exchange their Lucky House coins has been fixed.
  • A bug where the following items were giving extremely high amount of defense has been fixed:
    • Lunar Eclipse Bayle Axe
    • Solar Eclipse Bayle Axe
    • Wind Bayle Axe
    • Thunder Bayle Axe
    • Raging Wind Bayle Axe
    • Lightning Bayle Axe
    • Storm Bayle Axe
    • Axe of the Dark Ritual
  • A bug where the monsters “Arkmine Fighter” & “Arkmine Knight” (King Albireo Hardmode) weren’t attacking lv 130+ characters has been fixed.
  • An anvil has been added next to the Blacksmith on the Island of Eya.
  • Tier 6 items (Scrolls/potions) will no longer drop ingame as they aren’t ready yet.
  • A texture issue has been fixed for the following items:
    • Firmis Armor
    • Firmis Pants
    • Firmis Boots
  • The following monsters will now properly spawn on the map “Island of Eya”:
    • Rattle Snake
    • Tainted Mushroom
  • The positioning of the following mini maps has been adjusted:
    • Island of Eya
    • Destroyed Refuge of the Abyss
  • The mini map of Pagel's Battlefield has been fixed.
  • Clerics will now be able to accept the quests “Discovering the Truth 1” & “Helping Marty 2”.
  • Archers will now be able to accept the quests “Discovering the Truth 1”, “Discovering the Truth 2” & “Helping Marty 1”.
  • Mages will now be able to accept the quests “Discovering the Truth 1” & “Helping Marty 3”.

Your Fiesta Online team

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