Maintenance: 09/02/17

Dear community,

A maintenance took place on 09/02/17. Here are the changes:

Client version: 1.05.125

  • New Deluxe Faces have been added. Due to this change, the numbering of the old Deluxe Faces has been adjusted.
  • The size of the following monsters has been adjusted:
    • Elemental Fire Guard
    • Titanium Guardian
    • Temple Guardian
    • Silver Guardian
  • The debuff that can be apply by the “Torpedo” on the monster “Titanium Guardian” in the instance “ Temple of Gods” has been increased.
  • The level limit of the instance “Ominous Canyon” has been updated to lv 120-129.
  • The enhancement bonus of the lv 130 green, lv 135 blue & lv 135 orange items has been adjusted.
  • The maximum level of the following quests has been updated to 129:
    • Shining Piece 1
    • Shining Piece 2
    • Ominous Canyon
    • Ticket that brings to Canyon
  • The minimum level of the following quests has been updated:
    • What A Girl Wants: Dagger - Lv 128
    • What A Girl Wants: Bow - Lv 129
    • What A Girl Might Need - Lv 129
    • Be My Friend - Lv 129
  • Turning in the quest “Mushroom for Ursula (Repeatable)” will now delete all “Mushroom for Ursula” (Item) from the inventory.
  • Turning in the quest “Story of the Last Mandragora 2” will now delete all “Valerian” (Item) from the inventory.
  • Turning in the quest “The Mandragora Potion” will now delete all “Mandragora Root” (Item) from the inventory.
  • Turning in the quest “Help required” will now delete all “Rattle Snake’s Skin/Mandragora Root” & “Healing Herb/Fairy Mushroom” (Item) from the inventory.
  • The amount of “Frantic Golem” required to complete the quest “Finding Peace” has been changed to 1.
  • Drop rate of quest item “Void MuruMuru’s Energy” has been adjusted.

Bug Fixes:
  • A bug where NPC of the Island of Eya and the Battlefield were facing the wrong direction has been fixed.
  • A bug where it was possible to make the camera go through walls in the maps “Temple of Gods” and Crystal Cave” has been fixed.
  • A bug where the permanent Hunter’s Union costume had a 6% Crit bonus has been fixed.
  • The HP/SP bonus of the lv 130 & 135 gears has been fixed.
  • The following quests have been fixed:
    • Eya: An Unknown Force 2
    • The Temple of Gods 4
    • The Mandragora Potion
    • Help required
    • The Eye of the Storm 1
    • The Final Ingredient
    • The Final Ingredient (Repeatable)
  • Several ingame texts have been fixed.

Your Fiesta Online team

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