About Fiesta

A New Adventure Begins

Imagine a world where thousands of players live and explore a colourful and magical fantasy world.That world is Fiesta Online. Mage Fiesta Online Players can complete missions, hunt for monsters or take part in epic Kingdom Quests – all together with friends!
  • Colorful graphics
  • Easy and fast progression
  • Up to 5 classes
  • Large variety of quests
  • Guilds: fight alongside your friends to be the most powerful guild!
  • Help and have fun with other players
  • Master & Apprentice system: gain levels faster as Apprentice and pass on your knowledge as Master
  • Wedding System: find your partner and fight together in Isya
  • Daily Quest System: complete these quests and be rewarded with fame and bonuses. You will then be able to exchange the fame for Premium Items


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