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The Card Collection System is an in-game system where players are tasked with collecting various cards dropped by monsters in the game. Players will be rewarded items upon successfully collecting cards. The rewards vary depending on the cards and amount of cards registered by the individual.

How do I collect a card?

Whenever you defeat a monster, there is a chance for an Unidentified Card to drop. When a player right-clicks on the Unidentified Card, a variety of cards will shuffle and stop on a Monster Card. The Monster Card will then be transferred to your Collection Book.

Are there a variety of Monster Cards?

Yes, there are 4 ranks of cards (S Rank, A Rank, B Rank, C Rank) and each card has a set number of Stars to mark their uniqueness. It is possible for players to find the same Monster Card with various Stars.

Do I get any items from the Card Collection System?

Yes, a number of titles have been released, as well as a number of items for players to use and enjoy.

Can I trade cards?

You cannot trade cards once they have been added to your collection, but players are able to trade Unidentified Cards.