Sales of the week! 03/05/2018

Dear community,

Your attention adventurers! This week, we will celebrate the Nobility of Isya! With that theme, many items that reflect nobility will be made available throughout the week in the Weekly Sale! Items such as the Majestic Lion, Black Crown, Mini Roary and more!

What do you say? Nobility doesn’t fit your personality? Then, worry not, as you will be able to sail on the seas of Isya by within mighty vessels of the Pirates that will be available this week! Make sure to check out our Flash Sale of the week Captain!
Hunting for that special loot you have been dreaming about for a long time? Then make sure to not miss our Mighty Hunters sale and you will also be able to hunt unique creatures during that sale!

And to finish the week, we have organized a little Mystery sale! Curious to know what items will be available? Well we can’t list you the items yet, but you will find permanent, tradables and more! For the grand finale, all potions in the Potion category will be 25% off!

Monday - 03/05/18
Items will be on sale for a week as from 10h00 (PST) today.

Awesome items on sale until Friday 17h00 (PST). Don't miss this occasion!

Awesome items on sale for 2 weeks!

Tuesday - 03/06/18
From 03/06/18 10h00 (PST) until 03/07/18 17h00 (PST).

Thursday - 03/08/18
From 03/08/18 10h00 (PST) until 03/09/18 23h59 (PST).

Saturday - 03/10/18
From 03/10/18 10h00 (PST) until 03/10/18 22h00 (PST).

Sunday - 03/11/18
All potions in the Potion category will be 25% off!

Your Fiesta Online team

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