Maintenance : 11/02/17

Dear community,

A maintenance took place on 11/02/17. Here are the changes:

Client version: 1.02.173

Birthday content:
  • Happy birthday Fiesta Online!
  • Roumen, Elderine and Uruga have been decorated for the 10th birthday of Fiesta Online!

  • Discover the “Kingdom Quest Rebellion”! A brand new birthday Kingdom Quest in which you will need to defend famous bosses against a horde of monsters on a mysterious map named “Dimension Rift”. Complete the KQ and receive Birthday tokens in return!

  • Exchange the birthday token with Shaoming in Elderine against awesome rewards!
  • Gather in Elderine to chase down the awesome monster “La Famosa Piñata"! Hit it enough time to make it drop wonderful treasure chests!

  • Birthday quests are back! Speak with the following NPCs to start the quest:
    • Guard Captain Shutian (Lv 1-79)
    • Town Chief Adrian (Lv 80-125)
    • Hogar (Lv 126-135)
  • Birthday Treasure chests are back and will spawn randomly on Isya!

  • Halloween content has been deactivated. Margret will remain in Elderine until next maintenance to give you the opportunity to use all your remaining Halloween coins!

Your Fiesta Online team

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