Maintenance : 10/05/17

Dear community,

A maintenance took place on 10/05/17. Here are the changes:

Client version: 1.02.169

  • The attack speed buff of the monster “Temple Guardian” has been decreased.
  • The “Shadow Room” mechanic of the instance “Temple of Gods” has been removed.
  • The healing effect applied to the monster “Temple Guardian” by the spawning pillars in the instance “Temple of Gods” has been decreased.
  • The drop rate of weapons and jewels in the instance “Temple of Gods” has been increased.
  • If the target of the monster “Temple Guardian” runs out of the room or gets teleported, the monster will now pick a new target instead of running after the first character.
Bug fixes:
  • A bug where the icons of your current map would disappear if you load another map via the map drop down list has been fixed.
  • Now loading a different map and loading back your current one will now display the icons properly in the mini map interface (M).
  • A bug where the item “Hina Cleric Shield” becomes invisible if you zoom out has been fixed.
  • An empty slot in the “Pick a profession” interface (Alchemy) has been removed.
  • Several ingame texts have been fixed.
  • The minimum level requirement for the Magical Defense Scroll (Tier 4) has been fixed. The scroll is now usable starting at lv 60.
  • Respawn time of the monster “Rock Stone” in the map “Burning Cave” has been fixed. The respawn time will be similar as in the map “Burning Rock”.
  • The position of the accessory “Halloween’s Mask” has been fixed.
  • Several graphical fixes have been applied to the “Curse of Jack’O” Costume.
  • Texture of the accessory “Curse of Jack’O Hat” has been fixed.
Your Fiesta Online team

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