[gamigo20] Challenge 3! Quest Master!

You are halfway to victory!
In this our 3rd challenge of this anniversary adventure, we rallied our friendly NPC's to keep an eye on all of you. We want you to show us how quick you can be with all the quests in Fiesta!
Create a new character or use a current leveling one and get started!
Complete as many if not all the quest as quickly as you can!

Challenge 3:
Complete as many quest as possible in the time provided!

Daily quests, epic quest and normal quest can be done for this challenge. Repeatable quests do not count!

Start: Thursday, 10.15.2020 at 09:00 am PDT!
Ends: Wednesday, 10.21.2020 at 09:00 am PDT!

Winners: Top 10 in all versions!
Our top 10 winners will receive Anniversary rewards!

Anniversary Points
First Place: 5.000 Anniversary Points
Second Place: 2.500 Anniversary Points
Third Place: 1.000 Anniversary Points
Fourth Place: 500 Anniversary Points
Fifth Place: 250 Anniversary Points
Sixth to Tenth Place: 150 Anniversary Points

Good Luck, and Have Fun!
Your Fiesta Online Team

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