Advent Calendar 2017


December is here, and this means that the advent calendar of Fiesta Online as well! So, be ready to discover the surprises that we have prepared for you behind each door of the Advent calendar!

Every day during the month of December you can see news about Fiesta or get prizes by reviewing the account section!

To get the rewards, it will be necessary to write the correct code every day that you can find solving some small riddles about the world of Fiesta Online. These codes will always have the same structure "FIESTA17X" (The X will have to be changed by the answer of the riddle). For example, if the question is "How many prisoners should you release in the tutorial quest?" and the answer is 3, then the code to receive your reward that day will be "FIESTA173". In case the answer has two words, you have to write it without spaces; for example "FIESTA17CAPTAINSHUTIAN".

Keep in mind that you will have until that day at 00.00 to exchange the code. After that time, it will not be possible to claim the code, so do not waste your time!

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