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  • good I have a character who is permanently in prison and I have already served my punishment please take out my character from prison.My character is called Rainbow_Mika archer level 75
    • Hello xxdarklilithxx,
      I am part of the FrenchTeam of Fiesta Online. If your character is blocked in the restricted area on one of our servers (Cypian, Hednis or Albireo), please send me a private message :)
      If he's not, please contact a GM in charge of the server on where you are.

  • ravinoak me puedes ayudar porfavor, estoy enviando las fotos que muestran que quedo mi personaje atrapado en zona restringida y nadie contesta. podrias ayudarme tu?
    • Hello ancaja,
      As Amareys explained, you must contact a GM responsible for NA servers.
      So you can send a private message to Kuroneko, Mar, Youko, or Adwick :)

      Good evening and good luck on your adventures

  • hello, you could help me pleasse I go into restricted area 2 of my characters and the two will get stuck inside restricted area even if time ran out. you·d be so kind asto get them out please. thank
    • Hello ancaja!
      Well... I am part of the French team of FiestaOnline. If your character is blocked on one of the French servers (Cypian, Hednis or Albireo) please give me in a private message the name of the server and a complete screen of your interface in the restricted area.
      Otherwise, I invite you to contact a GM in charge of the server where you're stuck.

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