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  • good I have a character who is permanently in prison and I have already served my punishment please take out my character from prison.
    My character is called Rainbow_Mika archer level 75.I play on the server Isya ,please help
  • I want my account back, ive stopped playing some years ago but im back now. I dont know why my account has been blocked. How to unlock this?

    user: xfavorite
    • Hi there xfavorite! You will need to send a ticket in ( When Fiesta had it's merge, there were a few issues with some accounts, this could be the reason or there is another reason for your account being blocked. Make sure you have the correct username and password. Hope this helps!
  • TGM Adwick! <3 xD Sorry dont know you :(
    • Snack! I don't know you either but that's okay. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know :)
    • No more T! :D Go you get this! :P
  • hi ad, looking forward to seeing you in forums, and in game down the road, hope you get to be permanent, or until you decide on other goals. welcome!
    • Hi there Philzey! I'm hoping to stay for a long while ^^ and thank you so much for the welcome!