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  • Hi hun Been trying to get on since 8 am 12/04 no luck so far... miss u got on last nite about 6-7 and it seemed like it was fixed but this AM same thing. Will keep trying xoxoxoxox
    • Same hun, it let me log on and as soon as I got in I dced. I see forum say is DDOS attacks again. Last time took them weeks to fix it. :( Hope they get it faster this time. missin chu xoxoxoxoxox....I keep trying.
    • Ik really miss u It let me back on for about 5 min.. lol not one other person was on ,,,like a ghost town went into the lucky house and messed around til I just got booted again... back to the same crap
    • lol I didnt even make it to the map. Still trying till I go to work. Hope its better by friday. Ima be really upset if we cant play then.
    • GRrrrrr now 1:45 and still cant log on so seeya on Fri i guess take care and be safe hun... hope the weather is not too bad for you... sry xoxooxoxoxo