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  • good I have a character who is permanently in prison and I have already served my punishment please take out my character from prison.
    My character is called Rainbow_Mika archer level 75.I play on the server Isya ,please help
    • Hello,

      Is your character still in prison and if so can you get online?

  • Hello, I was suggested I reach out to a GM following the creation of a thread I made (and after waiting a few days) fiesta.gamigo.com/forum/index.…-i-have-a-quick-question/
    I was wondering if you could help my situation/give me some idea of when my submitted ticket will be answered. Thanks!
    • Heya,

      Please submit a ticket. If you missed the merge or the Password Reset. Your account will be blocked.

      To get it unblocked, please reply back to the ticket when support responds to your ticket.

    • I sent a reply email back, do you know roughly how long they take to reply to the reply? Sorry if I sound impatient, I appreciate any help. Thanks
    • They will be back in the offices tomorrow.
    • Ok! Thank you for helping me out
  • hello GM Kuroneko, im stuck at restricted area after finish my penalty 2 hours in jail...can u help me move my char from restricted area...char name Reayeonny lvl 77 class paladin/cleric
  • Good morning Kuroneko, you could help me please you and sent you through the forum images and the server where 2 of my characters were trapped in restricted area. you could take it out please
  • Hey can you help me please My name is MrRiley ingame and i made a huge mistake i went to click and get a costume out of my vault and i hit my demon bone crusader skin, can you please put it back in my account vault D:.
  • hi, i have and isue, I was waiting for a KQ to start and I had to go to the bathroom, then I was afk, when I returned I was in jail and I had a two hour counter, the time passed but I am still there and they are no counter, what can I do?
    character: alengot90
    server: Isya NA
  • Who am I supposed to reach out to and HOW? I was told to contact a CM on the Forum but it looks like they are inactive or they have quit. I made my last post and you removed all the evidence of that conversation and left it at that. It sounds like Gamigo does not know how to deal with my issue and so, they are avoiding it. Why would the team who received my ticket even tell me to post on a forum?
    • Heya, sorry for the delay in response.

      Please note that posting content within a ticket is against the rules of the forums.

      In regards to your issue, there is a potential possibility that T6 Enchants will be provided in the future.
  • U are aware that this Paradox is lilith_raven i hope. responsible for the tiny url links and hacks lately. there is always a reason people are treated bad in this game in this case cause its a two faced dirt personality scammer
  • HELLO? I NEED TO DO MY KQ. CAN YOU DO SOMETHING or do i report the GM team for inactivity to Gamigo
  • Are you corrupt? Im making a second ticket with 3 more videos of the same guy and ill also tell them youre not doing anything about it but just helping them yet you ban me on discord for saying "scammer" only
  • Good afternoon...
    I have a problem, I cannot leave the restricted area even if I have already completed the time I had here...the name of my character is lMob Lv.70 Isya Server.
  • Hello, i have tried to sign into one of my accounts but it has come up with an error saying ID Blocked, Are you able to help me
  • Hey uhm can you our any other Gm pm me back please? I made this forum account to report sometthing.I already send a ticket but I also want to confirm a few things
    • Hello, please PM [CM]Zao directly about your ticket
  • Hi there, last time u was online in fiesta I told u about a problem with a death guild, sended a ticket and got none response...
  • Henlo. wen Sk VR online? ty
  • Thank you for the player spotlight forum. it is part of what fiesta magazine used to be. another part was getting to know team members, like community leaders, and helping players understand their roles, and their limits, even though, a lot of players still asked for things they couldn't do.

    i really enjoy getting to know the other players, after all, isn't that a primary draw element to what massive multiplayer games are all about?
  • Guess i need to just put glasses on next time... lol. found what i needed just had to look ..
  • was wondering where to find or redeem event points from event we had on pagal, sunday , i found you in vine tomb
  • Hey Kuro! Just wondering how much time does it take to have an update on a interview i had a few days ago
    • We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please send me a message privately or on Discord
  • ily kuro <3
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  • Moin, es wird n GM im game benötigt, weil ein gebannter char (seit gestern eig wieder frei) sich nicht einloggen kann. Liebe grüße, Server Iyzel^^