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  • Hello I haven't played since 2009 and am trying to play again but when I try to logg into the game it tells me my "Account ID Blocked". I sent a ticket on 1/06/20 and haven't gotten a reply.
    • Hello, Please check your spambox as well and make sure you are using the correct email. If you didn't receive any confirmation or reply, please send another ticket
    • Yeah I checked every folder including the spam one and double checked the email I used. Sent another ticket yesterday. Hopefully I get a reply soon.
  • I want my account back, ive stopped playing this game some years ago but im back now. I dont know why my account has been blocked. How to unlock this?
    • Hello xfavorite, Have you sent a ticket yet? If your account was banned for a reason, you would have received an email about why. Otherwise, ticket support will just unblock your account for you. Ticket link: support.gamigo.com/hc/en-us
  • I have been playing this game since 2009, I have been able to download and play, I haven't had internet in 3 months, it did the patch notes but it is still missing this file, d3dx9_35.dll, I really miss playing please help.
    • Please update your direct X. This is a piece of software that usually comes preinstalled on Windows computer. You can find updates by using Google. The dll error is related to unupdated or missing directX.
  • Hello, i have tried to sign into one of my accounts but it has come up with an error saying ID Blocked, Are you able to help me
  • hello again. I have a fondness for culture, especially languages beyond the classroom. as a result i have traveled quite a bit to understand languages in their native environments, not just in places considered home lands, but abroad as well.

    i notice there are other cultures besides duetch represented in the game (fr, es) and was delighted to see it. i was wondering, how many players know at least a little bit, more than two languages? and is there a proper forum section to ask about it?
    • Hello, quite a number of players actually know more than one language, you can ask about it by making a new thread in the off-topic section (or in the general as long as it is fiesta related).
  • alo ^^

    you guys have been working really hard, and i just wanted to say to the whole team, it's very much appreciated. thanks to all of you for all your effort.

    a fan since 2006. cheers.
    • Thank you <3
      I will let the others in the team know too :D
  • Hi there is no Bow lucky box for the natures beauty skins
    • Thanks for bringing this to our attention, I will let our sales team know
    • Will we get a chance to get the NB bow skin?
    • Yes, most likely at a later date. I don't have an estimated date yet but it will be announced
  • Henlo. wen Sk VR online? ty
    • As I have mentioned before, it will not be happening in the foreseeable future.
  • Hi are we able to move characters from a different server? I created all my characters on the same server (isya) a long time ago and now theyre split up. id rather not have my best players on a dead server
    • Hi DrizzyD, sorry but there's currently no way to move characters across servers
  • Hi i have a problem, when i select my character to connect to the server, it says "the client has been illegally manipulated, please reinstall the client" can you give me a solution for this plz
    • Please try reinstalling the game with a clean install (delete all fiesta related folders before reinstalling). Using the repair tool may also help.
  • Hello Insano_Ghandi from Pagel here. How do I send you a message that not everyone can read? You asked me to contact you trough forum but I don't want my qeustion asked publicly. And I seem not to be able to find some kind of direct message button...
    • When you look at my profile you should see a person shaped icon next to the magnifying glass icon. Click the person icon and choose 'Create Conversaton'. That will let you send a PM to me :)
  • Please tell zao to look at my “being scammed” situation or if you can help with anything please like tracking who ever did it. Please.. thanks
  • Hello Honey, yesterday I won a mini hobby racing event, but i dont remember where I find my gift? x.x
  • Hey HoneyTeddy can you pm me or how can I pm you?
    • Hello! You can PM my clicking the person icon on my profile and choosing 'create conversation' :)
  • i have put in ticket for my accounts one i just recently made and it got ID blocked from me just making it. and my old account is ID blocked.
  • missing the 3 tickets Twinkle 2011 isyal
  • Fiesta voucher code
  • can u pm me pls
  • It is Dec 5th, when are the servers coming online?
    • Hi, the servers have been under DDOS attack recently and it is hard for me to say when it will stop. We hope it will be stable again soon.
  • hello I need help my fiesta don't work correctly plz help me
  • hola! necesito ayuda mi fiesta no sirve me da un error
    • Hola, yo no hablo español, please contact [CM]Akher for help. Did you also try relogging?
  • HoneyTeddy, did we have to answer the entire week correctly or just one day? If one day can you delete my post?
  • a bin is when a previous server connection connects with a current server connection.
    • more to say collides, though, still. old packet vs new packet how to. and why was it saved in the first place
    • maybe measuring current population . mobs included
    • i would say something like authentication for the exception
    • it's while the body is active in two locations as well. I just saw a character . she bind. i ran farther and saw her other image as well.
  • Hello HoneyTeddy,
    I am having the same issue as this thread:

    I have played when Fiesta was transferred to Gamigo. I've been gone for a few years but trying to come back. I submitted a ticket but there hasn't been any response at all. Is there anything that can be done?

    I know I was on the NA Fiesta due to the transfer of Fiesta companies that happened before.
    Ticket # is 638734 if that helps at all.
    • Hi Melfi,
      As this is an account related issue, I do not have access to this and can't help you, you will have to wait for the ticket response.
      When did you submit the ticket? If you did it over the weekend, there wouldn't be anyone in the office, so they'll get to it on a weekday. If you haven't received a reply in a week's time, let me know, thanks.
    • Okay.
      I will let you know. Another question... I've been waiting a day or so for the activation email for this forum. Does it usually take this long?
      For this "Your user account is not activated yet. You must complete the activation process first."? I've requested the activation email on 2 separate email addresses but it still has not arrived. Junk and Trash email do not seem to have it there either.
    • Hmm no it should have arrived immediately. I will ask the CMs about this and let you know :)
    • Thank you, HoneyTeddy. I would like to come back soon.
  • hay, ich kann auf mein lvl 67 char, die level 60 up Quest nicht machen. Könntest du mir helfen bitte.
    • Hallo,
      besteht das Problem immer noch? Wenn ja, dann wende dich bitte per PN an Veralya oder ein deutsches Teammitglied.

      Liebe Grüße