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  • Hi??
    • Hi Larvitar :p
    • I told you one thing when you arrived to my forums Snack, to not cross my post count, but you still did. You will face the consequences. What is your char name in game on Isya.
    • Graves...youre not so active that you can post that much and youre Posthunting see in "Advice for beginners?" Thread^^
    • Sir, i'm more active than anyone on here. If I wanted I could make 100's of posts per day but I don't so I dont overflood the posts with comments because GMs dont like people making multiple posts, yet you somehow appear to get away with making so many posts. You still havent given me your in game char name.
    • are still at 600 Posts... where are the consequences?
  • ^^
  • Evolved into GravesDiseaseV.3
    • My son; I have shown you have to evolve into GravyBabyV3... Congratulations on your prosperous venture.
    • You must have mistaken me for someone else.
  • I am not a loser anymore. I have left the old GravesDiseaseV2 behind, I am GravesDiseaseV2.1
  • I am a loser