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  • i sent you a message through the conversations
  • Zao can u message me please
  • no bow lucky box?
  • i spent $60+ and never got my Demy. help :(
  • hi
  • Hello Zao,ich nit englisch schreiben weil deutsche,daher grüsse ich dich mal,ich hoffe ihr bekommt das Spiel endlich im Griff,wegen Serverstabilät etc pp. ;) liebe Grüsse LunaLu :)
  • Hello Zao! Just wondering how much time does it take to receive any update on a GM interview i had a couple days ago, i know it takes a certain amount of time because its a group decision but just thinking maybe that you guys did not have my contact info.
    • At the moment, it can take up to a week I think. You'll get a response soon! :)
  • Hello, i'm trying to gift people and it wont let me select a realm? help how can other people select a realm but i can't i've spent like $140 in the past 2 weeks. Please respond.
    • Hi, we had a slight malfunction, but we restored gifting just a few minutes ago. Thank you for letting me know!
  • Thankyou very much Zao :)
  • just wondering what will happen to the premium items EX teva and xp card.. I am on NA and it is past the time given to be completed..
    • I wrote about this to, i'm on NA too. No word back yet.
    • See below :)
  • Hi, just wondering if you put a hold on the premium items when you update? i have a teva, exp n rant on n i live in the U.K so now is the best time for me to play but with the maint i'm missing out, don't get me wrong i know you need to do maint, i was just wondering if we lose our premium item time when you do?
    • No you don't. We're always extending premium items on a timer generously after a maintenance! Happy gaming :)
  • Hello everybody. Sorry if replies sometimes take a little longer, the office is really keeping me busy!
  • Good Evening Zao, is GM or Bug tester application still up? i sent them but i havent even got a received notification.
    Have a nice day!
    • Hi @Harvund, thank you for asking. Yes, please send your application for the role that interests you most to the support, we will receive it and get back to you as soon as possible!
    • Thanks!
  • Hello Zao just started to play again. Just wonder why my acount has ID BLOCKED and how do i do to get it back?
    Please cant wait for you answear
    • I would suggest you send a ticket to support as well, even if I could see it from here, I couldn't tell you outside of eMails for privacy and security reasons! But I will help through ticket system if I can!
  • Zao would you mine replying us? We are waiting for what are we going to do?
    • We reset the servers so login would be possible again, please let me know (and send a tickt to support) if you still have issues!
  • Hi, What are we going to do with the "client was illegally manipulated"? Our patcher only allow us to patch till 237 and we can go with patch 238. Please reply immediately for us to play the game.
    Thank you.
    • Sorry that I missed your question, but everything should be taken care of. Let me know if you still have issues (or again).
  • Yes I can, though I am sure you have already discovered it. Please direct your attention here:…s/&postID=59599#post59599
  • Hi Zao, I had logged on all my chars for daily gift but it never worked, today i log in again and find a X for yesterdays attendance. was looking forward to the month gift now i wont get it on any of my chars, can you provide any feed back on a solution?
  • Danbi, kolcok2525, AJChambers, I can't disclose anything outside the ticket system, but if you pm me the ticket numbers, I will take a look!
    Thank you
  • Don't know if you can help ... I sent in a ticket a little while ago (haven't gotten an acknowledgment email yet). I discarded my +5 Ramy by accident and would like to get him back. I was playing on Jair_Silveroak and meant to discard a card. When the "do you want to discard" message comes up it doesn't say what the item is. Could this be changed so others don't do what I did?
  • My account is just as blocked, I guess it's about trading with an RGwl player or can you help me somehow ?? thank you
  • Hello, my account is still banned, i heard others got unbanned already. CAN U PLEASE HELP