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  • Subject: class change to level 20.

    Current situation: the level 20 class change mission was done but the change was not carried out so I cannot acquire new skills, weapons, among others.

    Expected situation: class change and renewal of skills of adequate levels.

    Client version: the error is expected to be rectified in order to play normally.

    Reproduction: without declaration
  • I will double check the 60 job change..
    • Have you found out anything about the 60 job change? I've been stuck here for about a month not able to move forward.
  • Subject: Level 60 Job Change NOT working
    Current situation: When I accept the quest "Over Time and Space 3" it doesn't warp me into the next portion. It delivers the Space Time Lithograph into my inventory and shows the dialog that says something is happening... but nothing happens. I'm not so certain if this is a bug or simply a glitch. I just want to get it fixed so I can advance my character.
    Expected situation: Should be warped to a Ancient Elven Woods-style map to defend Roumen and Elderin so I can complete the job change. I filed a ticket about this first and they sent me here to report it as a bug.
    Client Version: 1.02.277
    Reproduction: I have dropped the quest with and without dropping the Lithograph and it just continues in the same way. I can accumulate multiple Lithographs but nothing changes. This originally happened about 10 days ago, but it still works the same way. It has not happened on any of my other characters.
    Screenshots / Videos: I can take a video of the process, but I'm not certain how to upload it or link it for you. Please advise.
  • good I have a character who is permanently in prison and I have already served my punishment please take out my character from prison.
    My character is called Rainbow_Mika archer level 75.I play on the server Isya ,please help
  • Subject: Level 60 job advancement Bug
    Current situation: Trying to accept the quest 'Over Time and Space 3' but the quest is not warping me.
    Expected situation: To be warped to a new map, I believe Ancient Elven Woods to complete the quest and job change.
    Client Version: up to date.
  • Character: Sneezy
    Server : Isya
    Subject: wrong item taken from premium inventory
    Currect situatisn: I have mistaken a blade skin to a 2h skin, and taken it out of my premium inventory, is it possible for the 2h skin to be put back to premium?
  • Character Name: Darkonian
    Server: Isya
    Subject: Item drop bug
    Current situation: I cant drop/discard 4x<Mysterious Rock>,<Mandragora Potion Recipe>,<Rune Leaf>
    Expected situation: I want to discard all <Mysterious Rock>,<Mandragora Potion Recipe>,<Rune Leaf>
    Client Version: 1.02.276
    • Hi there! This has already been forwarded and we are waiting on a solution. Patience please! :)
  • Restricted Arena Bug: Jail time is over, but can't teleport out.
    Character Name: BuffMeHard
    Server: Isya
    • Can you help me with this Seryn?
  • yes?
  • Seeeeryyyyn :D
  • Bug te:
  • Bug template
    Subject: NPC merchant Master Master this bug.
    Current situation: mission lvl 90: the NPC merchant Master Master this bug, no mission completed can be delivered.
    Expected situation: could deliver at least 3 missions already completed.
    Client Version: current version.
    Reproduction: always.
    Screenshots / Videos:
    • Hi...this one has already been forwarded and is being looked at.
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  • Hope everyone's holiday was awesome and all the best to you all for 2019!
    • Thank you ! 🙂
      Hope your New Year is filled with success, health, prosperity and happiness. Happy New Year! 🥂
  • Hello everyone! If you are wanting to report a bug, you can start a conversation with me (press the conversations tab, 2nd from the right, top corner) and let me know what I can help with! It will send a direct message to me, and I will get right on the problem for you! I try to check in daily, but sometimes life happens. I am here. :)