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  • Some older players (log time) know me, i don't get mad, or at least, not for my own sake.

    it's just pixels and general in game ranting when people do it, but there is nothing to be gained by sexist, racist, or beyond "pg-13" content in chats. if someone comes into a game JUST to offend everyone they possibly can, i take some exception to that.

    there's kids in these games, in fact, multiple generation families play these things, and statistically the majority of players, ARE women of nearly every age, and i, appreciate them, just like i try to respect and appreciate every person i encounter no matter where i am or how they choose to be.

    i play girl toons as a rule purely for the artwork and cosmetics, because let's face it, male avatars get very little love in how they're designed, so if someone rolls up on me and tells a whole map they like my toons rear and "slaps" it, i get a little annoyed, not for me, but for everyone who might feel a little offended by it.

    personally i don't care, it's pixels, but there's no reason, none, to subject everyone who can read on even a basic level, to one players' disrespect for women, or anybody else, and even though there's no anger in it, i'd like to turn around and give them an Upper Cut so hard, they fly back to the other end of a map, for the sake of everyone who reads their trash talk.
  • i ain't got no boxers on,
    ain't got no boxers on,
    i ain't got no boxers on,
    cuz i'm a disgusting SLOB ^^
  • my response when i port into elderine and the language is extra salty

    REI, for those you might know who could use a little education
  • My favorite fight mix to get pumped for battle!
  • I like your wall. O.O Lots of useful information on it! Keep up the good work.
  • Fiesta Online released in 2006 and is one of the first MMORPGs I ever played as a kid. Let's enjoy some nostalgia and check out how the game's doing in 2020!
  • one of my pet peeves in gaming is players who try to rush you through your leveling process.

    everybody plays their own way, they are not there to be someone else's puppet.

    i like to game the way i like to eat, i enjoy the experience, and the people.
  • Virus Advisory:

    Quarantine notice to monster npc's:

    Since you're in constant contact with players and work in a restricted amount of space, facemasks are being distributed and medical pixel staff are en route to make sure you're alright.

    during this time we're taking every precaution, because even though we are always trying to kill you, we still care about your well-being.

    The Fiesta Player Community
  • Hey, I play on and off so it is definitely possible I missed an auction house added to the game...
    Where is the AH? I definitely have a lot to sell but I can't keep a vendor up over night without problems occuring. :(
    • it isn't a two way workaround, but it's been in place for a long time, say, 2008 or so.

      read my piece on mintygreens profile ^^
  • i'm thinking of writing a prince -esque tribute to fiesta monsters, i'm considering calling it, purple poo, but i'm open to suggestions.
  • for those folks going on about who's been here longer, who's got more knowledge or power, ....okay, good for you but really.....
  • i wonder sometimes.

    not every item a game sold in microtransactions is going to have some impact in the game.

    items that provide no advantage are COSMETICS. Their sole purpose is to alter graphics, that's all. Cosmetics have been around since someone first got the bright idea to "dress up" an avatar or provide options to alter its' appearance....even being able to change gender in character creation, is a cosmetic.

    cosmetic items however, are purchasable graphics alteration available after an avatar is created. People buy them, people like them, and they've been around a very long time.
  • Inspired by a recent forum thread, the lyric bug has bitten me yet again, enjoy!

    well pagel you really put up a fight
    and i know that something just ain't right
    i should have ported into roumen by now

    but a glitch has changed my expectations somehow

    spearmen to the left of me,
    statue to the right

    yet here i AM, stuck in tutorial with you.

    stuck in tutorial with you

    (can a GM port me PLEEEEEeeease......PLEEEEEEeeeease......)
  • i'm just not into micro transaction stores. if it's not free, it's not for me.

    i'll take tiered access (time related) subscription fees over micro trans any day.
  • that thing we all do when we see a disconnection happening
  • Something any Seasoned Gamer understands......been there, done that…better-at-your-jo-5947347
  • whether you crash, have jerks on your team, or there's just a ton of drama in your guild or at home, it's always something. welcome to my life

    0:44 - 0:10
  • Elitists aren't elite because of skill , kill count (mostly players far below their strength or stamina), or their choice of genre /equipment.

    what makes someone elitist is their attitude.

    there are enough snobs in the real world, having them in video games may have some benefit, but i don't see it.

    when you help a player learn how to play a game, and even better, how to apply it to their real life, you improve the game, by improving a gamer; and yes, people who have never played anything before are gamers, just because they're interested.

    a lot of would be greats never make it past character creation, for lack of content that keeps them interested, or players who make a point of denying them the chance to experience what gaming has to offer.

    it is part of a gamers' growth, whether it's pencil and paper, board games, forming strategies and out maneuvering opponents at work, playing sports, practicing a trade or art form, or just going on a pc, console or mobile device to see what virtual life is like.

    in the end, the desire for mutual growth and well being is the same, and no matter what pains we go through getting there, most gamers eventually understand my mantra.

    "better gamers, make better games"
  • I've been wanting to perform live in Fiesta and other games with my own live music for years to entertain all the players in them.

    I love to sing and i love performing, even as an avatar. Some day......^^
  • Just wanted to say, you are a pretty chill and friendly person :)
  • Hello :D
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