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  • Hi, you recently made a comment on…d/&postID=89209#post89209. I don't know how to directly respond to you from the forum as there wasn't a 'reply'. Anywaaay, I did as you suggested. I was able to log into gamigo and NA was already set for me. I tried to log in the game and still got ID has been blocked. Another use posted to contact support and I've done that.

    Thanks for the help though!
    • Yes, at this point you will need to get help from CSR. This might take a while so you should make sure you still have use of the email you used for your main account. You should probably use this account to go on Isya server and start a new character. You are allowed to have up to three accounts now I think. Playing a new character will get you used to the game again and you will see it is a lot easier to level through the low levels. Make sure you do the tutorial for some real nice equips, but you will need to go back to the town to turn in the quest because the remote turn in is broke right now.