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    I ate spaghetti with shredded mozarella cheese on top, fried chicken, and some shredded cabbage on the side :3

    Is it weird to eat fresh cabbage with pasta or noodles? Fresh cabbage is so good though \(^w^)/

    I know this thread is like, a year old, but tbh - I don't really have any problems with the attendance check rewards, except for the low-level tier stuff and some of the location-specific warp scrolls. I think the potions and scrolls should be replaced so that they are level-specific and maybe that would encourage players to be more active and play more, especially since scrolls and potions that are t3 + take a lot of time and investment to make. I think it's important to have an active player base because it is an important factor to getting players who are invested and keeping the game interesting. What do you guys think?

    Also PLEASE replace the flotation stones with something else!! Even getting slime jelly would be better! ;(;(:|:|

    I also think it may encourage players to participate or be more active if we also change the parchment quests to be level-specific? Kind of like the daily quest thing that we get. IDK about how effective it would actually be though?(