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    How do vendors setup their mini houses so close to each other? Every time I try to set my vendor up, it states I cannot because I am too close to an NPC or another vendor. I know I am not near an NPC so I have to set mine up further away and I know I am not getting the best foot traffic. Any suggestions?

    So now I updated what needed to be updated, ran the RepairTool as an administrator (it patched afterwards) and ran the launcher as an administrator as well only to get a "Xigncode Error: Enter : 0000007e". Any suggestions on this please?

    I'm having problems getting into the game as well with through the client. I have read all the comments in this section and have done everything everyone has recommended. The game starts to load up and then stops asking me if I would like to "report an error". It does not give me what the error is. any suggestions?

    So I need to setup shop for 15 mins first and then the game won’t dc me? Also, I can’t setup shop for more than 15 mins at a time?

    Are they going to try and fix this? It’s an annoyance while grinding but I can log right back in. It’s a total inconvenience when I setup shop and come back later to see this error and wondering how long has it been like that.

    I’m at level 46 about to get the ensure skill for buffs. Can endure be empowered to raise the hp and sp of the buff? I have currently 7 pts to empower skills.

    Can anyone let please let me know if there is anything different with this updated NA version in regards to empowering skills? Or is it still like the past versions? Thanks in advance.

    You did well with bash, basic cleric attack and only decent one you will ever get (the others only do low dmg or have a ridiculous CD, and even if you improve some, the benefit is not that much, so it's better to use your points on all kinds of heals (I recommend you always improve first the CD, then the effect, and then eventually the duration). Also, some usefull skills (like Revive) have a long CD, so its a good idea to improve CD on Awaken; that will allow you to use a skill without the need of waiting for CD (ex.: Revive Awaken Revive all in a row without wait)

    Thank you for the info. I do apologize that I left out a bit of info myself. I am a solo cleric but going for HK. It sounds like that skills you’re referring to are for Guardian. I’m sorry, I am new to this so this might still be helpful as well, but are there any skills I should focus more on to empower besides healing skills?

    Question on empowering skills. I just leveled up to 40 and have 4 points to empower skills (I didn’t know where to put them so I just held onto them). I’m a soloing cleric with pure strength and use mainly a mace. Should I put my skill points in any of the skills up to this point (if so, where?) or just wait till later skills to use them?