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    Hi all,

    I am wondering if gamigo has plans for a cap raise in the near future?
    Or are we going to be playing at the 135 cap for a while still?

    If a GM/CM could give some insight about their upcoming plans, it would be greatly appreciated.

    A cap raise with new content would definitely give end-game players something to look forward to, thus it would be nice to know if gamigo has any plans for it :saint:

    EDIT : I would also like to know if there's a possibility of getting new classes soon, in the same way we got reaper/spectre/templar over the past years.

    Maybe a 2nd job path for crusaders? Or a new class entirely? : )

    I am really tired of all the negativity I see in forums and on discord. For 1 I am not affected by this last patch along with many of my fellow players. Be grateful for the changes Gamigo has done for example take away mount food, added more repeats to make it easier to lvl, merging mounts for added effects and merge was smooth. Be thankful that outspark sold the game to Gamigo to save the player base or the game would have shut down due to the law suit.

    Now this last patch was due to players exploiting glitches like switching armor for skill uses, the gab set, skiing, the easter egg tree, nina and the mailbox are just a few. Be thankful that gamigo does not put lvl limit locks on the armor or jewelry. if you don’t wear the right lvl of armor or jewelry with the added effects for your lvl you may be stuck wearing npc armor and jewelry.

    When players exploit certain aspects of the game it makes the server unstable where it shuts down. Then players move to other servers and make those servers unstable due to exploiting certain aspects of the game. If you want to quit then quit or be grateful for the improvements that gamigo has accomplished.


    I'm tired of clowns like you who support these ridiculous changes.

    Why aren't they taking any of our feedback seriously? :/

    Kind of upsetting honestly

    They managed to ruin the whole game in a couple of hours .-. while thinking they made an improvement.

    Please gamigo, listen to your players for once. These skill delays are driving everyone nuts.

    It's finally holiday time for me and I was excited have free time to be able to play. Then this happens...

    I don't understand how these decisions came out of the blue...

    You should at least test it before implementing it...

    It's so frustrating for your players. Many of my friends have already stopped playing since yesterday.

    This needs to be fixed urgently, please.







    Also they'll probably remove comments/posts talking about terrible LB rates. Has happened to me before. I don't expect my above comment and Eddy's comment to be there for too long.

    We can't make Gamigo look bad guys, they really truly care about their community really very much. We should all give them a big big thank you!!!!

    Lucky box is literally the reason why I quit Fiesta. Being a capped player who spends absurd amounts of money on this Lottery game without ever getting my desired skin after years and years of trying just really threw me off. I can't believe they still haven't changed anything about it. Absolutely ridiculous system.

    If they actually did something about it and made it so that you get your desired skin after a certain number of tries, or simply if they let us buy it directly from the store, I would consider playing the game again.

    This is why Fiesta is easily the most Pay2Win game out there. Not only you have to pay to actually be competitive at raids/PvP, you also have to GAMBLE and RISK your money on Lottery machines.

    Paying and knowing what you're going to get is one thing, but paying and not being sure of what you're going to get is COMPLETELY different.

    Weapon skins are the most Overpowered thing in this game already. It is absurd that one must risk hundreds/thousands of dollars to obtain their class specific skin.

    Sure this game is playable without SC, but don't tell me you can be competent at raids & PvP without a weapon skin / SC suits / Exts as a capped player.

    Come on Gamigo, this has been going on for way too long. Change this ridiculous Lucky Box system already, several players have complained about this issue for years and years and still nothing has changed at all. Goes to show how much you care about your playerbase, heh.

    LMAOO stfu Xeno your name shouldn't even be on the list joke ass glad. Funny how you mention that most glads on list "aren't really skilled" when you're the biggest loser here LOL :D:D:D You're the last one to talk here you goof GTFO ROFL xD

    IDK what the OP was thinking when he made this thread and added your name LOOL :thumbdown:

    U legit the worst glad on the list mfer. dnt talk plz

    He's not wrong though, lots of people on the list only SEEM decent at PvP cause of their insanely overpowered Gears and SC. Some will even hammer 100+ pieces to obtain the godliest 135 set possible. Many glads on the list are not THAT good skill-wise.. There are lots of things you should consider when judging how good a player is at Glad considering it's the hardest class to play, especially in PvP.

    and Xeno is FAR from being the worst glad on the list xD idk where you got that from

    he's for sure one of the top glads on server right now even though he's always been undergeared af with garbage sc (no offense)

    Even people who are against him in game will agree that he's very skilled. And those who deny it know it's true but just don't want to admit it because of ego/pride. He's just as good as Flacko or Cerebral, if not better

    Give him a Hp/Def/Aim/Eva 135 set + godly DQ Jewels + an SK axe and good SC -- no one will even bother fighting him, trust me.

    and yea same goes for Lamb, he should be added too. He rarely SCs up but is great skill-wise.

    lol i can't really argue with the names up there but here's my personal list :

    Gladiator - either Xeno or Haunt

    Knight - who cares all they do is stand still/house in bz

    SS - probs _Zacky but don't think he plays anymore

    Ranger - either Hide or pierre

    Wiz - Resu pretty good

    Lock - Amro right now, Frex if he had gears

    Reaper - Ninja best reaper ever known

    Spec - who knows ???

    Temp - Bala for sure (only Temp that is good at pvp)

    Guard - who cares but Toni OP

    HK - who cares, Kitsune i guess?

    too bad most of them are jerks in game though, but i'll still give em credit for being good at PvP

    Skin switches. We were essentially promised this back in the old forums. They did it for a while but due to the work load it caused, since it had to be manually exchanged, it was stopped until they could come up with an 'easier' solution. 2 year on we are waiting for that solution.

    Implement NPC that will buy 20% skins for skin coins 1 skin = 1 coin

    3 coins = purchase skin of your choice.

    Coins bind on acc.

    Awesome idea. I wish we could get gamigo to see this and implement it.

    It's simply not fair man. A skin is an ESSENTIAL item in PvP with the amount of SC people use in FBZ. So far I've spent about $500 on Lucky Box (not all at once, over the years of my playing ofc) but I still do not own the skin for my class. Yesterday I've tried again with weapon specific lucky box, but once again as expected, no luck for me. Then I hear about 15 people in Uruga showing off their NB skins saying they got it within the use of 15k-20k SC, some even after 1-4 tries. How is this fair, tell me, please tell me?

    No matter how much you spend you may still not ever get the skin you want if you're not "lucky". I almost want to give up on the game because of how ridiculous it is to obtain skins for some players. Skins are essential for capped players who go to raids/PvP in order to outdamage other guilds. Why are lower lvls who barely play the game able to get skins with under $10, when a capped player who spends a lot of time and money on this game for raiding can't obtain one after $500+ spent? There has to be some way to exchange unwanted skins for the one we want. Heck, I wouldn't mind trading 3-4 skins to get 1 that will be useful to me. Right now, it is not fair.

    We all know that Fiesta Online is heavily p2w, but atleast we know what we're getting when it comes to other SC items. Wanna spend 8k SC on a Kei Guitar to increase your dmg/crit rate for 30 days? Sure, go ahead, ATLEAST you can be sure to get the item you're paying for. This is not the same with skins, why does it have to be a Las Vegas lottery where players have to GAMBLE ridiculous amounts of money to get 1 essential item for raids/PvP? Just why???? This is the most TOXIC P2W system I have ever seen in ANY game EVER. :cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:

    And yes, YET I still test my luck on LB every time it's out.

    I'm an idiot for playing it and I admit it:!:


    Even some lvl 135 players who love to go to raids and PvP do not own a skin for their class. I find this incredibly unfair because several of them, including myself, have spent so much money on lucky box to only get skins we will never use (ie. mace & hammer e.e). I really hope they add some SC item that enables us to trade 2 unwanted skins for 1 that we want. This would prevent the large imbalance that exists between those who have their desired skin and those who don't.

    It's really sad how we have to rely on luck to get something that is so essential at high level gameplay. One person can have tremendous luck and get a DB Axe on first try while another may have well spent 2000$ and still not get the skin they were hoping for. I've sent tickets to Gamigo in the past about this issue but nothing has been change up to now.

    I truly hope more people will push Gamigo to change this weapon skin system so they could make a fair change for all players in the near future. Thank you for making this thread. I totally understand how you feel and I can deeply relate. I am capped and have been playing for years but I still do not own the skin I want, despite having spent ridiculous amounts on lucky box. Please help us gamigo ;(:(;(slimerage