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    Like I said it wasnt me who did it. But game is so boring these days what else are ppl supposed to do when gamigo aint releasing more new content.

    yeah, since there is no new content let's force gamigo to fix useless issues like this one instead of letting them focus on creating content

    I'm not implying gamigo is actually good at making anything new but we can't complain about it if we don't at least behave decently.


    Oh but I know 5 at least locations. Wasn't me but there are so many more ways than 2 to bring mobs in. I guess some people are trying to take down gamigo from the inside after all.

    Also dont think gamigo has that much time or resources to move mobs away, takes too much work to do so.

    They unfortunately have no time for that but you must have way too much for wasting yours in vendor killing.

    this is a wonderful thing to see that everyone (who’s active on these forums) has finally stepped up since you guys are finally acknowledging us and what we see is wrong with out favorite (or one of them lol) game.

    Doesn't mean that the game is about to have major improvements though. They have been gently saying they need time to change things for so long over last years that I stopped trusting in them long time ago.

    This game currently does need changes that would affect their wallets, and that's why I don't believe it will happen someday.

    EDIT : I don't know GravesDisease but stopping buying CS would actually be a good idea. The issue is definitely not him attempting to boycott but rather addicted players that still pay for a game they're not satisfied with. :)

    Gamigo earns money = they don't need to care about what we can actually think, as simple as that

    It is unfortunately too late for any improvement, just make your own glad. gamigo would never take the risk to frustrate their dear cash cows that still play the game by nerfing the class that is generating the highest part of their income.

    However, this game would need a nerf on EVERYTHING to see any upgrade. Nerf Eya's monsters, nerf raids, nerf CS (like charms lol, when did one thought that being able to boost their stats to +100% or even more would be a good idea), nerf +12, nerf +10 gears, just nerf everything. Having to buy an extender even to play in fbz is bland, completely BLAND. This is no f2p anymore. I'm not even going to mention raids and their need of +10 gears AND cash shop.

    I'm sure the gap between gladiators and other classes wouldn't have been that frightful if CS, +12 weapons and +10 gears did not exacerbate it.

    One of the main issues among all the ones others mentioned is that IS digs the gaps between classes so much. My point is that if you had, for instance, a 20% damage difference between glads and reapers without premium stuff, it results in a huge gap once both classes are equally premium-geared. And it gets worse until you reach lv 135.

    Lv 130+ mobs and most of the boss raids must be hardly nerfed, and so cash should be. I'd rather spend the same amount of talers to beat weaker monsters/bosses but with less efficient premium stuff, in order to give F2P players an opportunity to actually not feel useless in raids/dungeons. Same feeling for PvP.

    Do these suggestions will really help bringing newcomers into the game though ?

    I'm not saying they are bland/useless/don't deserve to happen. But as useful as they could be for regular players, I think that is not what will convince people to join the game. And the lack of people is actually what makes the few ones still playing running away one by one.

    When was the rebalance announced ? Like 5 years ago ?

    Why does patching a game take 5 years ? Just why ? Do people realize how long 5 years is ?

    Besides that, the suggestion is nice.

    Eddy I honestly don't trust it, and if it is possible it may be insanely annoying (except if you are a cleric obv) with all the experience you will lose through deaths, monsters taking one year to die from your poor +0 crowbar and all the time you will waste in running to avoid dying. I can admit gladiators might indeed be able to deal with +0 gears too though. But any archer/mage/trickster would already get OS by predator leaders. Also what's the point of bearing such frustrating path to reach lv 135 if you can do nothing with your character. It is not even an accomplishment since you always have to relay on +10 geared-people to do most of the work. Furthermore, that "work" is basically doing again and again the same thing (= no real challenge, when you complete something once you can complete it 10 000 times, it's only a matter of time).


    Level 120 Chaos Weapon or Legendary Weapon (not needed but if you can afford to its a nice bump to get you to level 125)

    Can't really agree since lv 122 to 125 is basically gathering.


    Preferably have these +10/12 but not mandatory

    Good luck with lv 135+0 weapons ;)


    Give a suggestion how you would change the system to a) lower stats of all the high content and b) make the game still challenging for paying players.

    Just nerf item shop too. The goal is to make the difference between paying and non-paying players less significative. In its current state you can't enjoy the whole game without using at least charms + extenders. I won't even mention PvP which is absolutely pointless without at least 100% extenders at lv 130+. You might argue that you can buy them with gems, but the decreasing playerbase makes the SC sellers rarer and rarer through years + economy is broken on most of the servers therefore making money is really a pain.